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In December, 2000, my friend David Ash and I attended a Marilyn Remembered fan club meeting in LA. We stayed at the historic Roosevelt hotel in Hollywood, where Marilyn herself once lived.

Mann’s Chinese Theatre, with Marilyn’s handprints in the cement, is right across the street from the Roosevelt.

We took a cruise down Hollywood Boulevard…

and toured the shops.

David couldn’t resist taking a tour through Fredericks of Hollywood’s lingerie museum. After a couple of hours I was finally able to drag him out of there, with the help of the security guards who noticed him trying to pick the lock on the display case with his pocket knife.

As we were taking in the sites we noticed a Marilyn impersonator hanging out in front of the theatre.

Naturally we had to introduce ourselves and pose for a pic with her.

One thing led to another and we arranged for Kris to pose for us at the Roosevelt. We met in the lobby the next morning…

and then started our photo shoot on location in the Roosevelt.

There is a legend that the mirror in Marilyn’s room at the hotel is haunted by Marilyn’s ghost. The mirror has been moved to the hall by the elevators in the ground floor. We couldn’t resist getting Kris to pose in the mirror for our cameras.

That evening David and I attended the meeting, and I addressed the group with a little speech about the Marilyn Museum.

There were a lot of people there, including George Barris and his beautiful daughter Caroline, (who gave me permission to add a Barris gallery to my website *coming soon*) Authors Charles Casillo, and Ernest Cunningham were there also.

Charles Casillo gave me an autographed copy of his book, Marilyn Diaries.

The next morning David and I visited Greg Shriner’s house. He has a room which is a Marilyn museum in it’s own right, with an amazing collection of Marilyn-owned items. He has some of her dresses and her movie scripts with Marilyn’s own hand- written notes, and even her sofa and her refrigerator from her Brentwood home!

Here is me sitting in Marilyn’s own director’s chair!

Before we left town, we got Christmas roses for Marilyn and put them by her grave at Westwood cemetery.

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