Marilyn Monroe Memorial, 2002 Page 2

The next day was the day of the memorial service at Westwood. I was with my good friends David, Tam, and Austin. Darn, I can’t believe I didn’t get a good pic of the three of them together for this page! Anyway, on the way to Westwood, we stopped at the Parisian Florists to get Norma2Marilyn’s flowers for the service.

The Parisian is where, for many years, Joe DiMaggio got the flowers which he had regularly delivered to Marilyn’s grave. While we were in their, we talked to the owner, who told us some stories about that. Also, he showed us his prize baseball, autographed by Joe D.

When we got to Westwood, the press was already there in force…

2 Dans – Dan “Monroe and Danamo”

The chapel was packed full. This is the largest crowd I’ve ever seen there for the memorials.

I got to sit in the private section up front… it’s a little alcove off to the side.

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