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NJ2MM President Danamo appeared in the SBS TV documentary “Million Dollar Mystery” answering questions about how Marilyn died, and shamelessly promoting the NJ2MM Fan Club. :-)

I was interviewed on location in the “Marilyn Monroe Suite” of the hotel in Phoenix Arizona which was occupied by Marilyn during the filming of her movie “Bus Stop.”
Note: SBS, the Seol Broadcasting System, is a Korean cable TV network and the program is in the Korean language. in
Entertainment Weekly Magazine

This website was featured in the May 18, 2001 issue of Entertainment Weekly Magazine in an article (page 82) commemorating what would have been Marilyn’s 75th birthday and listing the top Marilyn websites.

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  1. Dec. 5/16 Hi, do you know about the wonderful new (a perfect giftbook, a $15 hardcover, illustrated, but not a photo book) book titled “Marilyn Forever”? It came out a few months ago, is 100% celebrity quotes about MM, incl. many not yet born when she died. I have a copy right here, am sharing this: its four chapters (or phases) are: Victim, Vixen, Valentine, Venus. It’s very informative; I own about a dozen Marilyn books and learned some new things here, but mostly it’s about coming away more impressed by MM’s looks, fortitude, intelligence, talent, courage and integrity. Book is a lovely tribute (and I like the pink-print highlights on most of the pages; also has several color illustrations). I’m gifting it for Xmas, the holidays and for birthdays.

  2. 11/27 Hello, it’s Boze Hadleigh, author of new book “Marilyn Forever” (pub. 10/3/16). Question: how do I get a sample copy of this beautiful and pro-MM book to you? Its four chapters/phases–Victim, Vixen, Valentine, Venus–comprise 100% celebrity quotes about the wonderful and often surprising individual behind the 20th century’s most famous female face.
    This book I did not do for the $, and since it has no ad budget (publisher is Taylor Trade), it would be great if the fans could know that this book exists.
    It’s 144 pages, cloth (no dust jacket), beautifully designed (with pink-print highlights on most pages) and illustrated (in color too, though not a photo book and of course not a biography), is $14.99 (guess they couldn’t say $15).
    Would you prefer paper or pdf, and to whom would the book be sent (e-mail-wise or via snail mail)??
    Thanks, and keep up the good work :)
    Reading matters,
    Boze (rhymes with shows; back in Bev. Hills; hope you too had a fine Thanksgiving)

  3. Hi Danamo, long time no talk since we have not been corresponding for over 8 years when we last met at the memorial park service for our beloved legendary icon M&M whom we adore so much in person and in remembrance for the memories she left for us in awe. Call me back at 805 470-8973 so we can talk about her as we really did meet thru the MM chat room and the rest is history as they say. You know me as Mark only, now don’t you.

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