Marilyn was left-handed???

URBAN MYTHS & LEGENDS: Marilyn was left-handed???

Lefties have excelled at both ends of the scale – the very good and the very bad. They seem to make exceptional leaders, inventors, artists, musicians and murderers! Marilyn is often mentioned in books and on websites as being left-handed.

The problem is… Marilyn was NOT left-handed. As the photos below show, Marilyn wrote and also used tools, utensils, and appliances with her right hand.

3 thoughts on “Marilyn was left-handed???”

  1. This is not conclusive proof, though. I’m left-handed and there are lots of pictures of me using things and writing with my right hand, as I was forced to do so from a very young age. I only started using my left in my twenties and I still do a lot of things right-handed out of habit. I actuallly thought myself, I was right-handed (and I know a lot of people who are the same). All doesn’t change the fact, I’m a leftie, though. Just saying.

  2. I feel sorry for Marilyn.She suffered a lot in her childhood,was on pshyciatric treatment and going through a lot of mental stress but people do not bother for that.They are concered about her figure.her bust size etc. But no one knows how much pain she had gone through.

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