Marilyn Monroe – My Trips To LA – Page 2: January, 2001

In January, 2001, my friends Connie, David, Tam, and I attended another Marilyn Remembered fan club meeting in LA. Although we were coming from different places all across the USA, we ended up together on the same plane from Phoenix to Burbank, where David picked us up. After a quick trip across town with David at the wheel we were soon checking into our poolside cabana rooms at the historic Roosevelt hotel.

Then we had to go take a look at the famous haunted mirror.

and give Tam a tour of the exhibits around the lobby balcony.

Next we were off to the shops on Hollywood Boulevard.

although I think David had his mind on other attractions…

After a while on Hollywood Boulvard, and locating David, who seemed to have disappeared after the above picture was snapped, we went clubbing in Hollywood. David rounded up a cab driver, who had the unsual name of “Half A Hundred” and who agreed to stick with us for the evening and see us safely back home to the Roosevelt.

And it’s just as well that the cabbie made it through the entire evening of club-hopping in LA with us, as this pic of Connie, Dave, and Tam on the ride back to the hotel goes to show…

The next day we were up bright and early, 10:30 AM or so, and David talked the hotel manager into giving us a look at the penthouse suite. What a view of Hollywood from up there!

(Sorry, we didn’t get any pics of the suite itself)
Here we are on the roof of the Roosevelt.

Then we went on an extended drive around LA, which included a visit to Marilyn’s crypt at Westwood.

We walked around the cemetery and looked at the headstones, but David had his mind on other things…

After a champagne brunch back at the Roosevelt

we were off to the Hollywood Entertainment Museum for the Marilyn Remembered meeting there.

Jack Allen was having a book-signing for his new “Marilyn By Moonlight”

There were also some other interesting people there, including Jeanne Carmen and Morganne Chanteuse.

George Barris, Ernest Cunningham, and Charles Cassillo were there also.

Greg Schreiner started the meeting…

Everyone attending received the new new Sotheby’s Auction catalog of the Berniece and Mona Miracle collection.
The first guest speaker was Tam Bercaw, President of The Marilyn Museum, who talked about our plans and answered questions from the group.

Chris Horak, author/historian and director of the Hollywood Entertainment Museum announced plans to host a Marilyn exhibit there for this summer, starting on Marilyn’s 75th birthday, June 1st, 2001.
The Hollywood Entertainment Museum is right across the street from the Roosevelt Hotel and the opening date of the exhibit is timed perfectly, since we will be having our Marilyn birthday party at the Roosevelt on that same date!

After the meeting we headed back to the Roosevelt…

Who should appear in the Roosevelt’s lobby, than Morganne? Morganne is an entertainer/ fashion model and quite a fascinating person to talk to. Visit her website at
Naturally, David had to introduce himself…

Then we visited Greg’s home, so Tam could see his awesome Marilyn collection.

See Tam sit on Marilyn’s sofa…

See Tam with Marilyn’s chair…

Then we returned to the Roosevelt again. And look who we saw there, or maybe they were just ghosts…

All in all, it was quite a fun and exciting weekend, the memory of which I shall cherish for a lifetime.

Thanks David, Connie, and Tam for a great time!

Danamo, January 27 – 29, 2001

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