Marilyn Monroe – How She Died

Marilyn Monroe was found dead as a result of a drug overdose in her bed in her Brentwood home, 12305 Fifth Helena Dr Brentwood, CA, on the night of 8-4-62 ~ 8-5-62.

How and by whom her death was first noticed, what quantity of which drugs, administered in what fashion and by whom, how she ended up dead in that bed in that room, who did what? and other pertinent questions are unanswerable, given the lack of direct physical evidence, the contradictions within and between the witnesses’ testimony, and the murking of the waters over time due to the retrospective suspicions cast on all involved.

A variety of theories have evolved:
1: Deliberate self-administered drug overdose.
2: Accidental, self-administered drug overdose
3: Accidental drug overdose administered by Eunice Murray by enema.
4: Accidental death due to Dr Greenson giving her injection in heart.
5: Deliberate overdose administered by Greenson or by Murray at Greenson’s instruction.
6: Deliberate overdose administered by Robert Kennedy and/or/with other accomplices (possibly federal agents) present.

Marilyn herself, The Kennedys, the government, J. Edgar Hoover, the movie studio, the mafia, her housekeeper, her doctor, or any one of the above, alone, all, or in any combination with the others, have been suggested as suspects.

Former Norma2Marilyn Fan Club vice president Tony Plant has written perhaps the most detailed and comprehensive chemical analysis of the cause of Marilyn’s death.

You can read his report here.
And here is Marilyn’s autopsy report.

You might also be interested in the “Red Diaries,” a comic book about the Kennedy / Mob / CIA and other connections with Marilyn.

Marilyn Monroe, John F. Kennedy, The Mob, the CIA…It was a conspiracy of secrets…a conspiracy of murder.

What was the connection between all of the above during the sixties and how could it possibly have any bearing now? Who was behind the assassination of JFK? Was Marilyn murdered? How closely connected were the mob and the CIA? The answers are all contained in a set of diaries, The Red Diaries.

When Marilyn Monroe was found dead, it was stated as an accidental suicide. But what happened to the red diary that she wrote everything down in? It never left her side, yet the police reports show no evidence of it. Now over 30 years later, a man claims to have the red diary of Marilyn. In addition, he continued to keep his own diaries which gives his involvement with the Kennedys, The Mob, the CIA, and others. Now that he’s on his deathbed, it’s time to blow everything wide open. This is a Raven Chronicles tie-in.

The Red Diaries was released as a four-issue series with each issue running 48 pages. Written by Gary Reed, it featured artwork from Chris Jones, Laurence Campbell, Larry Shuput, and Ken Meyer, Jr. In addition to the story line, there is background information that will provide a wider view on the story line. These short segments include a history of the CIA, the Kennedy family, the formal reports on the Kennedy Assassination, Monroe’s death, and more.

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  1. did JFK and RFK rather than have her murdered do all they could to make it appear that she had been murdered??????????? remember!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! they would of wanted to humiliate her in the worst possible way…………….. particularly if she was’nt going to keep quiet abouts her affairs with them and expose the secrets they had and doing this(rather than resort to murder)would have had”maximium effect”.If she died by accident or suicide and then they where informed of her death by accident or suicide did they decide to add to the tragedy by making it appear that she had been murdered by having all her clothes removed after she had died and placing her naked body in her bed on her front to make the situation look all the more desperate?????? i.e for everyone to say poor marilyn!!!!!!!!!!as it would have made her death even more of a tragedy????????????it’s possible but seems unlikely………………………as surely they would of wanted her dead Quickly ASAP one way or another making her murder look like a suicide would have achieved all there goals and alot more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! as she would have been dead and gone by Not being able to cope with life unlike them killing herself and nothing else and thats all that mattered to them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Hello! Monroe’s doctors and psychiatrists stated that she had been prone to depression, and had overdosed several times in the past, possibly intentionally. By the way the best paper writing service that I saw:

  3. Marilyne Monroe was murdered not Suisse her red diary should be found and let every body knows what it containers she was definitely murdered


  5. from all of my research over the year, i came to the conclusion that the kennedy family caused such confusion people in general don’t know what to believe, therefore a result…a successful cover up! i believe she was definitely murdered! there are 5 main people responsible….1. peter lawford as an accomplice. 2. bobby kennedy as to give the order and being an accomplice. 3. dr. greenson for giving her the hot shot….also the 2 bodygurards of bobby kennedy, archie case and james oldham

    1. I agree totally! She was a huge threat to the Kennedy dynasty. She was going to expose the truth. She should have known they would never allow that to happen.
      The rest is history.

    1. CHLORAL HYDRATE!?!?!?!?!? AND NEMBUTAL?!?!?! BOTH are barbiturates (the shift has gone to benzodiazapines for Anxiety). Let me just state my [minor] credentials. I have nursing with Pharmacology. I specialized in Developmental Disabilities (didn’t want to be in a hospital or sterile like environment). I worked for 6 yrs (had a career in graphic design 1st) as a Behavioural Developmental Disabilities Worker, in a full lock down group home until I was forced to resign in July 2014 due to severe Fibromyalgia (I know my fair share about meds). We administered ANY & ALL meds. My 1 client I worked with 4 the full 6 yrs was on Noctec. Eventually it did nothing for him. But that was the ONLY sleep drug they were on. FORGET the Phenobarbital!! Somebody else HAD to have administered those meds to Marilyn. She didn’t have them in pill form from my understanding. Noctec aka Choral Hydrate, only comes in syrup form. And bk then, they didn’t label med bottles even close to how they do now. Like the persons name may have been there. But not the mg or g of the med. How many pills were in the orig Rx, what date it was filled, then they could have done the math on that. My mom told me how in the ’70’s she smashed up my Dad’s car b/c the doc Rx’d her some drug. She got it filled and took it on her way home. He nor the pharmacist NOR ANY warning on the bottle, told her it would knock her out. I only ever knew they found barbiturates. I didn’t know there was MULTIPLE!! And they prob weren’t the pills found on her night stand. Noctec only comes in syrup form. So I’m going to assume then that Noctec was GIVEN to her. And esp bk then, she wouldn’t have known it was an OD amt. When she realized something wasn’t right, she tried to call 4 help. But the drugs beat her.

      It was no secret she was depressed. She seems to be to have had BPII (Bipolar 2 or Bipolar Depression), I know all about it b/c I have it. U feel fine, then something little, or just waking up, ur depressed. I’ve read more than a few of her letters to ppl. The look or non-look on her face in a lot of pics. I know that look all too well. I’m just thankful to God to not be going thru this bk then. I have great docs!! Marilyn, then Michael Jackson. Celebrities should NOT be allowed to have private house call or live in doctors. BOTH had sleep issues. BOTH (MJ at least is verified) had their docs kill them. Pretty sure Mr. Jack@$$ F. Kennedy & his disgusting brother had something to do with it. Then he just “randomly” gets murdered by Lee Harvey Oswald? A nobody, crazy man? I think someone else did it & let the crazy guy tk the fall. Talk about conspiracy theories.

      Below is info on BOTH drugs. And they should NEVER be given TOGETHER!!! I’m sure the doc knew that tho. That’s wut he was going 4.

      Barbiturates are used to treat anxiety, insomnia, and seizure disorders. They are not, however, prescribed as often due to the availability of benzodiazepines and non-benzodiazepines. Barbiturates can be addictive and have strong withdrawal symptoms and rebound (exaggerated) effects on rapid eye movement (REM) sleep when they are abruptly stopped and can interfere with sleep. It is advisable, therefore, to stop barbiturates by slowly lowering their dose over a period of more than five or six days. It also is IMPORTANT to use the CORRECT DOSE of barbiturates since a RELATIVELY SMALL OVERDOSE may lead to COMA or DEATH.

      The main differences among barbiturates are their half-lives (duration of their effects). Drugs such as secobarbital sodium and pentobarbital sodium are short-acting, while others such as amobarbital sodium and butabarbital sodium are intermediate-acting, and phenobarbital and mephobarbital are long-acting.

      ***Nembutal (phenobarbital)***
      Mebaral (mephobarbital)
      Amytal Sodium (amobarbital sodium)
      Butisol (butabarbital sodium)
      Seconal Sodium Pulvules (secobarbital sodium)

      NEMBUTAL® Sodium Solution
      (pentobarbital sodium) Injection, USP

      The barbiturates are nonselective central nervous system depressants which are primarily used as sedative hypnotics and also anticonvulsants in subhypnotic doses. The barbiturates and their sodium salts are subject to control under the Federal Controlled Substances Act (See “Drug Abuse and Dependence” section).

      The sodium salts of amobarbital, pentobarbital, phenobarbital, and secobarbital are available as sterile parenteral solutions.

      Barbiturates are substituted pyrimidine derivatives in which the basic structure common to these drugs is barbituric acid, a substance which has no central nervous system (CNS) activity. CNS activity is obtained by substituting alkyl, alkenyl, or aryl groups on the pyrimidine ring.


      500 mg (7½ gr) / 5 mL
      Chloral Hydrate Syrup, USP contains chloral hydrate, an effective sedative and hypnotic agent for oral administration.

      Each 5 mL (teaspoonful) contains:

      Chloral Hydrate, USP ………………………………………………………………………… 500 mg (7½ gr)

      Before using this medication, tell your doctor or pharmacist your medical history, especially of: alcohol/drug abuse, heart problems, kidney problems, liver problems, mental/mood conditions (such as DEPRESSION, thoughts of SUICIDE), irritation of the swallowing tube (esophagus), stomach problems (such as ulcer, gastritis), a certain blood/liver disease (porphyria), breathing problems (such as sleep apnea).

      The recommended dosage of Noctec (brand name of Chloral Hydrate) for adults is 500 mg to 1 g, taken ½ hour before surgery, or as directed by your doctor. Noctec may interact with other medications, including oral anticoagulants, IV furosemide, and other CNS depressants. Do not drive, use machinery, or do any activity that requires alertness or clear vision while taking Noctec. Avoid alcoholic beverages.


      Good thing is these drugs are rarely used outside hospitals now. Only on very rare occasions as ur body builds a tolerance requiring more to get desired effect.

      May God rest her tired soul. And may we uncover the TRUTH even if it takes 100yrs!!! “A Candle in the Wind”, my beautiful Marilyn.

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