Marilyn Monroe – 75th Birthday Party in Hollywood – Page 5

Page 5: Saturday, June 2nd Westwood Cemetery

Bright and early the next morning we got together and headed for Westwood cemetery. Here we are at the Roosevelt waiting for the valet to bring our vehicles.

Somehow we forgot Tony… he went back to his room for his camera, and everyone thought he was in one of the other cars! But after some frantic cell phone calls he took a cab and caught up with us at Westwood.

There were a lot of nice flowers and cards by Marilyn’s crypt. Some of them had been there for a few days and were wilting, but Eric straightened them up and gave them fresh water and rearranged them with his artistic eye to make a great display. And just so people understand, this was not done with any intent of disrespect for whomever brought all those flowers, it was to surround Marilyn’s crypt with a lot of bouqets, so the whole wall was adorned with flowers. From the bouqets that were mostly wilted and brown, Eric salvaged the ones that were still good and rearranged them into fresh new groups.

I mention this only because in the past Eric voluntarilly used to go to the cemetery and take care of the flowers for Marilyn’s grave, and people got upset over his “tampering” with their flowers. After a few days in the California sun flowers wilt and get thrown away by the caretakers, but by cropping out the bad ones and rearranging the good ones Marilyn’s bouqets last much longer.

Eric also has shared some of Marilyn’s flowers with the graves of Marilyn’s relatives who are also buried at Westwood and are often forgotten. I am sure that Marilyn wouldn’t mind this at all.

I noticed this large birthday card all the way from Australia.

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