Marilyn Monroe – 75th Birthday Party in Hollywood – Page 4

The evening of June 1st. The Hollywood Entertainment Museum (H.E.M.) opened a major Marilyn exhibit on June 1st. Many of the exhibited items were loaned from the Marilyn Remembered fan club.

On Friday night the H.E.M. had a party to celebrate the opening of the Marilyn exhibit and we were in attendance.

I met up with Charles Casillo, the author of The Marilyn Diaries and he kindly posed for this pic with me. The painting of Marilyn on the wall between us was made by Charles, himself! He is quite an artist as well as a talented author.

The lady in the next picture is Penny McGuiggan. She co-starred with Marilyn in Some Like It Hot. She was the trumpet player in the band!

And this is Gloria Pall. She was a pinup girl in magazines contemporary with Marilyn. I couldn’t believe it when she showed me what she had brought with her… she had printed out the Memorial page from my web site!!! Wow, what a compliment!

Free wine and apple martinis were available and, phew, a few of those martinis and I was ready to call it a night.

I barely remember stopping on the way back to my room to take this picture of Steff, Kristen, and Gia sitting with Charlie Chaplin in the lobby of the Roosevelt.

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