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The Helicopter Flight

The first thing I saw the next morning, when I went out on the balcony for a smoke, was this Marilyn towel hanging from the balcony of the room across from me on the other side of the pool. And of course, Steff had to come have a smoke and take a look at it too.

After meeting at the pool again, we were off to the private airstrip for our helicopter ride…
The car ride to Jetwest was a bit exciting, as I do not know my way around LA at all, and, um, I do not read maps well or give very good directions, as our gracious driver, Gina Bina, and the people in the other cars following us were quick to discover.

But after going in circles on the LA freeways a few times, we finally got to the heliport and were only 15 minutes late. But there was a heavy fog and we were grounded until it lifted anyway, so we weren’t REALLY late, LOL.

We hung out in the waiting room until our pilot, Phillipe, said it was safe to take off.
There were 14 of us in all, not counting the pilot: Dave and Tam, Barb and Carol, Ross and Cindy, Me, Steff, Kristen, Carolien and Michael, Gina, Sarah, and Roy.

Finally the fog lifted and our flights began.

My flight included Steff, Kristen, and me. I had the copilot seat and Kristen and Steff rode in the back. We all had to wear headphones to cut down the noise of the helicopter and so we could talk to each other and hear all the air traffic control messages to and from our pilot.

The pilot gave us a little scare when, as a joke, he suddenly screamed and banked the helicopter way over to the side. I didn’t know that helicopters COULD fly sideways, LOL.

Ha Ha, VERY funny, Phillipe, and open your eyes, for heaven’s sake, dude!!!

We flew around Marilyn’s house several times, but I couldn’t get a good picture of it. The landmark the pilot told us to aim for in the center of the viewscreen turned out to be the wrong house, and I had the camera zoomed in so close that I only got one pic showing part of the roof. But Gina got a great pic, and Tony enhanced it for your viewing pleasure, so here it is now in all it’s glory! You can see the cul-de-sac and the big gate with the big black tarp on it along with the smaller gate. The pool is visible too!

On our way back to the airport I got this aerial pic of Westwood cemetery, where Marilyn is entombed.

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