How Much Did Marilyn Monroe Weigh?

Pictured when a teenager

Marilyn’s weight fluctuated, but her normal weight was 118 pounds (53.5 kilograms). Her weight went up and down so dramatically during the filming of The Prince and the Showgirl that the costume designer, Beatrice Dawson, had to create facsimile dresses in different sizes. “I have two ulcers from this film,” she is reported to of said, “and they’re both monogrammed MM.” Her highest weight was 140 pounds.

Although Marilyn’s weight and dimensions are similar to current high fashion models, she was too short by current day standards at 5′ 5½” (166.62 centimeters); the cutoff today at the Blue Book Model Agency where Norma started is 5′ 8″. Her height would have made her seem wide. Her dress size was 12.

While Marilyn certainly was not overweight, these numbers go to prove that you do not have to be super thin to be sexy. Here is a book to help you cultivate your inner Marilyn Monroe :)

By the Numbers…
Measurements (studio’s claim): 37-23-36 (inches), 93.9 – 58.4 – 91.4 (centimeters)
Measurements (dressmaker’s claim): 35-22-35 (inches), 88.9 – 55.8 – 88.9 (centimeters)
Height: 5 feet, 5½ inches, 166.62 (centimeters)
Weight: 118 pounds, 53.5 kilograms
Dress size: 12 / Pant Size: 8 / Bra Size: 36D
Shoe Size: 7AA (US), 38-39 (European)

For more Marilyn information, please check out our facts page.

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    Pictured when a teenager Marilyn’s weight fluctuated, but her normal weight was 118 pounds (53.5 kilograms). Her weight went up and down so dramatical
    [See the full post at: How Much Did Marilyn Monroe Weigh?]

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    Chris M

    May she rest in peace.

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    I’m actually kind of surprised to find out that me and her have similar bodies because I’ve always found myself big..always. To know my body is similar to somebody this beautiful surprises me.

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    daaamn girl you be skinny .

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    This rwally suprised me. Marilyn Monroe is gorgeous! It helps me realize thay you don’t have to be skinny to be beautiful.(:

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    There is no way Marilyn Monroe weighed 118 pounds, and wore a size 12 dress and 8 pants with a size 36d bra, I bra fit and someone of that weight would be in a size 30-32. if the sizes are correct she would have weight from 140-160

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    Sizes are very different today than they were then. A size 12 then equals a much smaller size today. Her waist was 23″ – that’s tiny! 5’6″ and 118 lbs is a thin to healthy weight. Marilyn Monroe was very slender.

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    Carol the bra fitter is right- there is no way Marilyn was a 36D! For starters, this is a disproportionately large back size for someone with a 22/23″ waist and 35/36″ hips. With her small lower body measurements, this would have give her a triangular swimmer’s style upper torso, not an hourglass shape. I really think Marilyn would be much closer to a UK 32, or 34 at the absolute max. Also, if her rib measurement is supposedly 36″, to be a D her across chest measurement would then have to be 39″, which is clearly not the case when looking at photos of her: her chest is not that big: in the Last Sitting photos, where she is almost naked on top, her bust looks around a C cup.

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    I am 5′ 5 1/2″ I weigh about 118 and I have a size 36 DD bra. so I am a little bigger there than Marilyn. However, I have a 35/22/35 body measurement. So to all you skeptics out there it is entirely possible to be that size and still have the hourglass figure. On the down side, I do have excruciating pain in my lower back and require a chiropractor and pain meds to make my days bearable. So now, instead of hating on a body we all want and few have, lets let her memory live on in peace instead of jealousy. Stop calling her a liar, and start seeing her for what she was, an amazing actress and an incredible woman.

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    These measurements don’t seem very accurate to me…. Using my body type for reference I’m 4’10 1/2, 100lbs, 30C, 22′, 36′ so other than her having a much larger bust her other 2 measurements are the same as mine and yet in picture at least she looks much bigger than I am and even though my waist is small, my hips are still not wide enough to give a true hourglass shape which is what she is known for correct? Also I think that by her height and weight and measurements she would not have an hourglass shape because her waist and hips are much smaller than her very large bust size. Just my input on this.

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    It is true that she weighed around 117 pounds. She also wore a size 12 dress because a size 12 back then is not the same as today. Due to the fact that American women became larger, they couldn’t accept the big numbers. There is an online conversion chart. A 12 back then would be about a size 4 or 6 today.

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    I am 5’5″. I weigh 115 lbs. I wear a 34 DDD on top (natural)
    25″ waist and 37″ hips. My figure is very hourglass shaped. Some people are just shaped like that naturally. Some skinny women do have large breast and big round butts naturally.

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    For those people that are saying that her measurements are too big for somebody who is 118, you really didn’t pay attention. They stated that her weight fluctuated and that were moments where she was as large as 140 so the measurements do fit. Please pay attention.

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    shealene haver

    why are you gauging her4 on her weight everyone has there ways to lose and gain weight so if your siting in your house and righting these silly story’s then your just unbelievable

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    Hi Danni ;)

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    I am a similar height, weight and measurments for when she was younger except my waist is not as small. At 5″5 and 117lbs my measurments are 36 25 351/2 (not exactly the same as Marilyn but similar) I currently wear a UK 6 to 8 or US 2. My bra size is a 28G I’ll be honest if your weight is less than 130lbs theres not way your back size will correctly be a 36 in modern bra sizes. Theres a times article were a journalist tried on her costumes and thought in modern sizes she’d be closer to a 30E.

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    I’m 5’7 and weigh 115-120 pounds. My measurements are 34, 24, 32. I believe her measurements were healthy, true and goddess-like. Comparing her figure to my own she was curvy because of her height- due to the fact I’m somewhat tall, I am pretty flat chested. She was naturally beautiful and charismatic, I believe we all wish to be “The Modern Monroe”, and luckily we are able to do so without being stick thin.

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    Who cares whats your height and weight, it doesnt matter if you have her same dress size, you wont never be like her, her face and incredibly small waist say enough. Stop trying to compare yourselves.

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    Elizabeth white

    Here is a link that will have evidence that she was skinnier than a size 2 today. If your going to promote her as someone who wasn’t super skinny and that women can feel better that their not. Then get your facts straight because many would kill to be a size two today.

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    Well I’m a 13 year old who is 5’8.5 and weighs from 140-150 and wear a size 3-5 pants. I’m saying this because I’m sure every girl is going to want to be her but you’re beautiful just as you are

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    Marilyn Monroe was curvy and no were near a size 2. Whoever said that is stupid. 118 pounds was obviously her fake weight, considering she was curvy and that’s actually quite skinny. All models have fake measurements. She was probably closer to 140 to 160 pounds when she was famous.

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    Marilyn was gorgeous, not just because of her figure, but she had a beautiful face, stunning eyes! I don’t resemble her, but am blonde with an hourglass shape that doesn’t vary with weight. It’s the small rib cage. Whether 105 or 150 lb., at 5′ 7″, my waist (22 – 28) has always been at least 9 – 11 inches smaller than bust and hips, which are always the same (33 – 37). My waist gets smaller with exercise, but no point since it’s hard enough to find jeans to fit. At 20, I had a 22″ waist; after two kids, it was 24″. Right now, at 76, I am 36C – 27 – 36, at about 128 lb. I have some 2s, but mostly 4s and 6s. Being an hourglass can be bad with weight gain — the effect is a sack of potatoes tied in the middle. This may account for the rumors about Marilyn being big. She wasn’t. I saw her movies.

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    I believe these measurements of her are true, because I’m 5’5 myself, 34-24-35, 113-120 pounds on a daily basis, so pretty close to her own measurements. Though I’m also a 32d.

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    Marilyn was a beautiful woman. Gorgeous figure. Natural. no fake boobs. Women have gone downhill big time since. They’re rail thin with big fake boobs and look like drag queens. Marilyn looked like a real woman.

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    She was so amazing! God bless you! Jesus loves you more than you can ever even possibly begin to imagine! :)

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    I read Carol, Helen, and Heleigh and it made me want to say a few things. I have always been big chested with a hourglass figure. My friend and I went to a gym together and were measured together. We weighed the same and our basic measurements were the same but we wore different sizes and looked nothing alike in our figure. I’ve always had a high muscle mass and was told to not build muscle and to work on dropping fat if I wanted to change my figure at all. She was told to build muscle and lose fat. This just proves that you can be the same height, weight, and measurements and still be totally different.
    BTW, I always get in arguments with people in the intimates department because there is no way I could wear the size bra I do. Every once in a while I try on a bra they bring me just for a laugh. I’ve had this body for 44 years and know it better than they do, 31 years of that I’ve been a 32/34DD or bigger. I am a 32II now and have been for over ten years. (yes they are natural) and I wear a size 10 or 12 depending on the maker. When they bring me a 42D I’m not sure if they mean it to be a nipple cover or if it’s supposed to wrap around my neck before clasping but it sure is funny to see their faces when I call them in to see if it’s fitting correctly. lol.
    Don’t let others define you!! I was a model for years and also a Hawaiian tropics bikini model. Now I enjoy eating whatever I want and being fluffy is fine with me. If you feel you’re not good enough build the inside. Volunteer, help others, coach a kids team that needs you. Beauty on the inside never fades and no one can take it from you.

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    This is actually true. Many think the myth of her being larger began when she was quoted mentioning “size 12″ in the Misfits. However, a size 12, as explained previously, is much smaller back then, and often times, people followed through with her UK size. Furthermore, another actress was quoted calling her “fat” and “size 16″, however this actress had similar measurements, but was taller, which of course makes weight appear to distribute differently. A size 12 from 50 years ago is much smaller than size 12 today, and a few of her preserved dresses have had their measurements taken – 22 inches at the waist for them all.

    I have her exact weight and similar measurements (5’5″, 36C-22-36) and I can fit some size 0 jeans in present day US sizes, though I’m better suited for 1/2. (2/4 in dresses, depending on desired brand/tightness) I have people constantly remarking about my small stature. So it’s very ironic that she has become the poster child for beauty today when she’s so far smaller than the average, and was smaller than average in her era as well! I say, just create your own beauty standard and not try to project it on to others or measure up to the next woman or idol. She was incredibly beautiful, but beauty is not exclusive to just one size, shape, or aesthetic.

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