Marilyn Monroe – Sounds

NOTE: Most of these audio files are available here in both MP3 and WAV formats. The .WAV files are approximately twice the listed size (and download time) of the MP3 files, but have the same content.

Marilyn sings Happy Birthday to President Kennedy
204 KB MP3
WAV version

Marilyn sings the phrase ‘DIAMONDS ARE A GIRL’S BEST FRIEND’
28 KB MP3
WAV version

You can come in now, Daddy Darling
29 KB AU

I’d go anywhere in the world with you now
56 KB MP3
WAV version

Dialogue while riding on the bus – from Bus Stop
557 KB MP3
WAV version

About girls who wear glasses
252 KB MP3
WAV version

I don’t want to marry him for his money…
I want to marry him for YOUR money
252 KB MP3
WAV version

Cherie is upset when the tail of her costume
gets pulled off by accident – from Bus Stop
154 KB MP3
WAV version

Commercial for Royal Trident oil
294 KB MP3
WAV version

This is a MIDI version of ‘Candle In The Wind’ – Tribute to Marilyn by Elton John

Sample from ‘Bye Bye Baby’
361 KB MP3
WAV version

Sample from ’2 Girls from Little Rock’
217 KB MP3
WAV version

Sample from ‘Do It Again’
434 KB MP3
WAV version

These music samples reside on this site without permission of the copyright holder in the context of commentary and criticism as outlined in the Fair Use Provision of the Copyright Act – The Statutory Decree §107. Limitations on exclusive rights: Fair Use and are presented for the education of students of history and of Marilyn Monroe.

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    Marilyn Monroe sound files wav and mp3

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    I am doing marilyn monroe as a school project can you give me some tips

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