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Thanks to Joe Johnson of Michigan for suggesting this page on my site! If you are ever in Los Angeles, California, and want to visit some of the Marilyn sites there, like Westwood cemetery, her Brentwood home, or other places where she lived or frequented, I have provided this page to help you plan your tour. For each location, I have provided a map of the area. Click on the SHOW MAP links to see the maps. There are many such sites in LA, and since I have just started on this page it is by no means complete. If you have any addresses to suggest, comment at the page bottom or post a topic to my chatboard!

And now, here are some of the Marilyn sites to visit in LA…

Westwood Cemetery
1218 Glendon Avenue

No Marilyn tour would be complete without a visit to her crypt at Westwood. This small cemetery is hidden between tall buildings in a downtown area and is hard to find unless you know exactly where it is.
At the corner of Wilshire Blvd and Glendon Ave, there is a tall office building on the Southeast corner. Going south on Glendon, just past the office building there is a narrow driveway on the left. Turn in there, and go up the short hill. Where the driveway branches, go to the right, and you are there. The driveway circles around the cemetery. The chapel is near the Southwest corner. Marilyn’s crypt is near the Northeast corner. (Marked in the picture below)


Marilyn’s House
12305 5th Helena Drive

Another must-see location is Marilyn’s Brentwood home… the only house she ever owned, and of course, the place where she died on August 4, 1962.

Be aware that the current owners of the house do NOT appreciate Marilyn fans disturbing their privacy. There is a high wall, and they have a tarp covering the gate so that you can’t usually see much from the street except for the roof and some trees. On my trip to LA for Marilyn’s 75th birthday, we rented a helicopter and flew over the house to take pictures!

Marilyn’s house is at the end of 5th Helena Drive, which is a small street, almost like an alley.
From San Vincente Blvd, go North on Carmelina Ave, and then go to the right on Helena until you get to 5th Helena.
Here is a view of the house from the street.

The Walk of Fame, Chinese Theatre, Hollywood Blvd.

On June 26, 1956, Marilyn and Jane Russell put their handprints in the cement in front of Grauman’s Chinese theatre (now Mann’s Chinese Theatre.)

Also nearby, on the “walk of Fame” along Hollywood Blvd, Marilyn’s star is in the sidewalk, right outside the front door of the world’s dirtiest (and probably the busiest) McDonald’s restaurant. 6774 Hollywood Boulevard. The star was placed here on February 9, 1960.

And, in the same area is the historic Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, home of the first academy awards, and where Marilyn lived at one time. 7000 Hollywood Boulevard

This map is centered on the Roosevelt Hotel, at the heart of Hollywood Blvd within a short walking distance of the handprints, star, Ripley’s Believe it or Not, The Hollywood Entertainment Museum, and all the shops and other attractions of downtown Hollywood.

Doheny Apartments
882 N. Doheny Drive

Marilyn lived in apartment #3 here in 1953 and until she married Joe DiMaggio in January 1954. At the end of 1961, after returning to LA, she moved back into this same apartment.


Wrong Door Raid Apartments
8112 Waring Ave

The infamous “Wrong Door Raid” scandal took place here on November 5, 1954. During that period Joe Dimaggio was having his ex-wife Marilyn followed by a private detective, Barney Ruditsky. On this date Joe arrived at the site with Frank Sinatra, Ruditsky, and another detective, Phil Irwin, hoping to catch Marilyn “in the act.” However they broke into the wrong apartment, that of one Florenz Kotz, by mistake. She sued, and they eventually settled out of court for $7,500

Hollygrove Orphanage
815 N. El Centro Ave

As it was then As it is now


Joseph Schenck Residence
141 South Carolwood Dr.


Los Angeles General Hospital
1100 Mission Road

Marilyn was delivered here at 9:30 on June 1, 1926

Four Square Church
1100 Glendale Ave

Norma Jeane was baptized here, in July 1926

Ballona Elementary & Kindergarten School
(now Washington Elementary)
4339 W. 129th Street

RKO Radio Pictures
780 Gower Avenue

Lovehappy and Clash By Night was filmed here

Home of Chester Howells
432 S. Bently

Married Jim Dougherty here, June 19, 1942

Florentine Garden
5955 Hollywood Boulevard

Jim Dougherty and Norma Jeane honeymooned here

Radio Plane Corporation
7901 Woodley Avenue, Van Nuys

Norma Jeane’s first job, and she was ‘discovered’ by David Conover here

Norma Jeane’s first apartment rented on her own downstairs from Ana Lower.
11348 Nebraska Avenue

20th Century Fox
10100 Pico Boulevard

Hollywood Studio Club
1215 North Lodi Place #334

Columbia Stidios
1438 Gower Street

Tom Kelley Studios
736 North Seward Avenue

Posed for nude calendar pics here on May 27, 1949

Johnny Hyde’s home where Marilyn lived in 1949
718 North Palm

Villa Nova
9015 Sunset Boulevard table 14

Had blind date with Joe DiMaggio here

Hotel Bel-Aire
701 Stone Canyon Road

Marilyn lived here at one time (#133) and for the filiming of Some Like It Hot (#133) Also where Bert Stern photographed The Last Sitting in June 1962. (#261) and bungalow 96

Beverly Hills Hotel
9641 Sunset Boulevard

Where Marilyn received her Photoplay Award for Fastest Rising Star and stayed in bungalow 21A during the filming of Let’s Make Love in 1959.

Fox Wilshire Theatre
8440 Wilshire Boulevard

November 4, 1953 Marilyn attends the premiere of How To Marry A Millionaire with Lauren Bacall and Humphrey Bogart here.

Joe and Marilyn rent this house in 1954
508 North Palm Avenue

Brandon hall Apartments
8336 DeLongepre Avenue

Marilyn lived here after the divorce from Joe in 1954

In 1956 Marilyn rents this house during the filming of Bus Stop.
595 North Beverly Glen Boulevard

Chateau Marmont
8221 Sunset Boulevard

Marilyn rents a room here in 1956.

Goldwyn Studios
1041 Formosa Avenue

Paramount Studios
555 Melrose Avenue

Dr Geenson’s home
920 Franklin Avenue

Peter Lawford’s Beach house
625 Palisades Road

George Barris photographs Marilyn on the beach here.
625 Pacific Coast Highway

House George Barris used to photograph Marilyn the end of of June 1962.
1506 Blue Jay Way

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