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Marilyn Monroe – Milton H. Greene Photos 3

Milton H. Greene Collection – Picture 3

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December 30, 2012 at 6:19 pm #13614


I have had a strong feeling since I was old enough about how the beautiful Marilyn Monroe was ..I believe she was over-dosed by the one woman who really hated her for having the affair with her none other than ( JFK )! As much as I hate to say that..but,Jackie did not want her husband continuing his lusty love affair with Marilyn Monroe. & Jackie knew if she didn’t react soon..she would forever lose her husband, her dignity & her mind? I don’t know how Jackie went through that without doing something or had someone she truly trusted do something about this huge affair with her president. Husband JFK? She obviously hated Marilyn? She wanted & loved her loved her husband? I’m sure all things came to Jackie’s mind? ..of course none of us really knows the truth? But,I’ve never heard any suggestions that it could’ve been Jackie? But that’s my opinion. & I’ve. Always felt strongly about that? I hope both beautiful women are in happiness & in peace above ..because they both were loved!

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