Marilyn Monroe Memorial, 2008

WESTWOOD, CA — Fans from around the world gathered at Westwood Memorial Cemetery in Los Angeles to commemorate the 46th anniversary of Marilyn’s death. As usual, the service, hosted by Marilyn Remembered founder Greg Schreiner, was held in the chapel.

Here are some photos and notes about the memorial service and events. Click on the thumbnail photos below to see them in full size.

Sue Ann Pinner sang ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow’ accompanied by Greg Schreiner on the keyboard.

Greg Schreiner made introductory remarks and then introduced the guest speakers:

Danamo, President of NJ2MM.
Penny McGuiggan was listed in the program next but she was unable to attend due to illness. Penny was the trumpet player in the band in ‘Some Like It Hot.’ She has been a favorite at many previous memorials and was missed at this one.

Jill Adams, President of Forever Marilyn.

Audrey Franklyn – a friend of Ella Fitzgerald, the black jazz singer who Marilyn helped during the times before civil rights in America.

Gladys Wilson. She was a classmate of Marilyn at Emerson Jr. High school.

Sylvia Barnhart. Marilyn’s Hairdresser.

Diana Herbert – Her dad was the producer of Scudda Hoo Scudda Hay and she hung out on the set with Marilyn.
Kathleen Hughes and Stanley Rubin, were listed to speak next, but they were unable to attend. Stanley Rubin was the producer of River of No Return. Kathleen Hughes is Rubin’s wife, and she worked with Marilyn previously.

A.C. Lyles, Paramount producer. He invented the casting couch.

John Miner, author, who was Deputy District Attorney for Los Angeles and attended Marilyn’s autopsy. He did not speak at the podium during the memorial service, but he did stand up and say to the audience “Marilyn did not commit suicide” in response to a question posed to the audience by A.C. Lyles.

George Barris – Marilyn photographer and author. Noted for shooting Marilyn’s last photo session on the beach where she wore the famous Mexican sweater.

John Gilmore, noted American author. Wrote “Inside Marilyn Monroe – a Memoir.”

Sue Ann Pinner sang ‘Do Not Stand at My Grave and Weep’ accompanied by Greg Schreiner on the piano. Greg himself wrote the song, which is a tribute to Marilyn’s passing.

Finally, a video presentation by Scott Fortner showed photos of Marilyn while the audio played a recording of Lee Strasberg’s eulogy to Marilyn during her actual funeral in this very same chapel back in 1962.

Fan clubs from around the world had these beautiful flower arrangements and cards for Marilyn at her grave.

There were no disruptions of the memorial service this time – unlike previous occasions where a certain Mark Bellicose and women claiming to be Marilyn’s reincarnations sought unsuccessfully to gain reputable attention.

After the memorial, Greg Schreiner hosted a party at his house which was attended by some of the guest speakers and visitors to the memorial service.

Dario, seen here enjoying a snack at Greg’s house, emerged unscathed from the wrath of his enemies due to Beth’s excellent protection.

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