Marilyn was left-handed???

URBAN MYTHS & LEGENDS: Marilyn was left-handed???

Lefties have excelled at both ends of the scale – the very good and the very bad. They seem to make exceptional leaders, inventors, artists, musicians and murderers! Marilyn is often mentioned in books and on websites as being left-handed.

The problem is… Marilyn was NOT left-handed. As the photos below show, Marilyn wrote and also used tools, utensils, and appliances with her right hand.

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    URBAN MYTHS & LEGENDS: Marilyn was left-handed??? Lefties have excelled at both ends of the scale – the very good and the very bad. They seem to make
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    Ritchie Jackson

    FYI, this information is incorrect.
    Marilyn was indeed left-handed.
    Back then, the studio had total control over all images of their stars, and were very protective of images of Marilyn.
    They did not want her to appear and anything than all-American, girl-next-door wholesomeness. As a result, when photos like those above were submitted, the studio would flip the negative so that Marilym appeared to be right handed. (They would even transfer her mole in the picture to the correct side of her face.)
    Just an FYI. ;)

    Ritchie Jackson
    Fox Studios

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    That’s all good and well saying that the planned artistic shots made her out to be left handed via flipping the photo, however the photos of her writing (obviously candid) and eating? I don’t think those types of shots would have been flipped as they were reality shots rather than photographic.

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    Perhaps she was naturally left-handed? There was a time when schools required left-handed children to learn to write with their right hand, as it was not considered acceptable to do otherwise. I speak of American schools since I can not say if this was normal in other countries. My aunt was forced to use her right hand, and when I started school my mother was informed they would do the same to me. Fortunately my mother refused and said she would remove me from school if it was attempted…and I was born after we lost Marilyn. There have been studies done that show forcing a child to change handedness can cause psychological damage. Marilyn did show many signs of a right-brained individual, or a lefty. I only hope this was not a cause of additional turmoil in her already difficult life.

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    I don’t know if anyone is checking this page still but I found this recently:

    It’s new never before seen pictures of Marilyn. One of the last pictures is her signing an autograph with her left hand..could be a flipped photograph but I’m not sure..

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    at the supermarket, I noticed a stunning photo of Marilyn on the cover of Time magazine. I’ve taken an interest in facial semetry recently & I noticed that Marilyn parted her hair on the left & her left eye is wider & sits slightly higher than the right (I’m right handed & my face shows the opposite characteristics)

    in the link that Vee shared, in a slide Marilyn is shown using her left hand to sign an autograph. upon comparison of the slide to the other photographs taken on the same occasion, based upon the left hair part as a reference & the position of the red bow below her chin, it is reasonable to conclude the slide wasn’t reversed.

    as for these Hollywood shots, Hollywood succeeded in what it aimed to do – to fool the viewer. & given the stigma once associated with left handedness which has now gone out of fashion, its reasonable to conclude that Marilyn was trained to use her right hand when in the public eye, & possibly was trained to do so as many children were during that time) hence the photo of Marilyn signing an autograph (posted at the top of the page with the Hollywood shots) with her right hand. this photo was shot in a very conspicuous context, with the photographer positioned directly in front of her, differing from the relaxed atmosphere with the soldiers where she’s flirting & having fun & has probably forgotten formalities

    its a fact that lefties are more adept at using their right hand than righties are at using their left, given its a right handed world

    conclusion: Marilyn was left-handed

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    btw, notice the left hair part in all the photos except the factory shot. possibly that one is flipped

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    I highly doubt that studios would flip entire movie scenes around to show Marilyn Monroe as “all – American”. (Watch some old flicks). She was right handed. Joanne Woodward, Tom Cruise, and Roberto DeNiro are often spouted as being lefties when, in fact, they are not either.

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