Marilyn Monroe – Professional Impersonators

Cassidy Anderson

Ashley Saint’Onge Clark

Go to Ashley’s website at for more photos and contact information!

Karen Motherway

Karen has her own website,

and a Yahoogroup devoted to her own fans and friends and Marilyn impersonator related stuff:

Marilyn Impersonator and Tribute Artist Amy Heart


Amy as Marilyn Monroe

Amy’s Web Site
Amy invites you to join her Fan Club

Marilyn Impersonator Jami Deadly

(if looks could kill!!!)

Click on her pic to visit her website,

Janet Valentine

Visit her website
Janet’s fan club

Suzie Kennedy

Suzie Kennedy!

Suzie’s website
Email her
Suzie is one of England’s top Marilyn impersonators, and recently opened for the big Marilyn exhibit at the County Hall in London.


Check out her Marilyn Mirage website here
and her Cybelvis website here

Susan Griffiths

Lead roll as Marilyn in “Marilyn and Me,” also appeared in Pulp Fiction, Quantum Leap, Time Cop, Dark Skies, Cybill, Growing Pains, Thirty-Something , On Stage America, The Strip. A and E with Hugh Hefner for the 15 sexiest people.

Visit her website at

Jennifer Ramsey

This is Jennifer Ramsey. She lives and performs in Naples, Florida
and has performed at the NewYork, NY in Las Vegas NV. Here she is in the 65th annual Edison Festival of Light Grand Parade.
Send her e-mail

Catt Scruggs

This is Catt Scruggs, and she is a Marilyn impersonator. Visit her home page, The Catt Box, by clicking on her picture above.


This is Marilyn impersonator Zahava,


This is Jenniffer. She is a para-legal by day, and does Marilyn gigs on the weekends in LA.

Her website is

Malissa Laster

See her website at

Rachel Langley

Presenting Rachel Langley…as Marilyn Monroe

Elaine Chez

Elaine has appeared & performed with many of the actual stars and famous places throughout most of her adult life. She is a Broadway & Radio City Rockette trained actress, dancer, singer & model. She’s a New Yorker with a BFA degree and minor in Fashion design.

Barbara / Marilyn

Barbara is a professional Marilyn impersonator located in Italy.
Email her

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