Marilyn Monroe – How She Died

Marilyn Monroe was found dead as a result of a drug overdose in her bed in her Brentwood home, 12305 Fifth Helena Dr Brentwood, CA, on the night of 8-4-62 ~ 8-5-62.

How and by whom her death was first noticed, what quantity of which drugs, administered in what fashion and by whom, how she ended up dead in that bed in that room, who did what? and other pertinent questions are unanswerable, given the lack of direct physical evidence, the contradictions within and between the witnesses’ testimony, and the murking of the waters over time due to the retrospective suspicions cast on all involved.

A variety of theories have evolved:
1: Deliberate self-administered drug overdose.
2: Accidental, self-administered drug overdose
3: Accidental drug overdose administered by Eunice Murray by enema.
4: Accidental death due to Dr Greenson giving her injection in heart.
5: Deliberate overdose administered by Greenson or by Murray at Greenson’s instruction.
6: Deliberate overdose administered by Robert Kennedy and/or/with other accomplices (possibly federal agents) present.

Marilyn herself, The Kennedys, the government, J. Edgar Hoover, the movie studio, the mafia, her housekeeper, her doctor, or any one of the above, alone, all, or in any combination with the others, have been suggested as suspects.

Former Norma2Marilyn Fan Club vice president Tony Plant has written perhaps the most detailed and comprehensive chemical analysis of the cause of Marilyn’s death.

You can read his report here.
And here is Marilyn’s autopsy report.

You might also be interested in the “Red Diaries,” a comic book about the Kennedy / Mob / CIA and other connections with Marilyn.

Marilyn Monroe, John F. Kennedy, The Mob, the CIA…It was a conspiracy of secrets…a conspiracy of murder.

What was the connection between all of the above during the sixties and how could it possibly have any bearing now? Who was behind the assassination of JFK? Was Marilyn murdered? How closely connected were the mob and the CIA? The answers are all contained in a set of diaries, The Red Diaries.

When Marilyn Monroe was found dead, it was stated as an accidental suicide. But what happened to the red diary that she wrote everything down in? It never left her side, yet the police reports show no evidence of it. Now over 30 years later, a man claims to have the red diary of Marilyn. In addition, he continued to keep his own diaries which gives his involvement with the Kennedys, The Mob, the CIA, and others. Now that he’s on his deathbed, it’s time to blow everything wide open. This is a Raven Chronicles tie-in.

The Red Diaries was released as a four-issue series with each issue running 48 pages. Written by Gary Reed, it featured artwork from Chris Jones, Laurence Campbell, Larry Shuput, and Ken Meyer, Jr. In addition to the story line, there is background information that will provide a wider view on the story line. These short segments include a history of the CIA, the Kennedy family, the formal reports on the Kennedy Assassination, Monroe’s death, and more.

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    Details on how and why Marilyn Monroe died

    [See the full post at:]

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    Mycomment is: Marilyn Monroe never wanted to die.
    They killed her.
    She was murdered. An injection.
    They stoled her life.
    But marilyn Monroe is still alive.
    You know like an engel or ever more.
    they lied about her death.
    as she says,they took my life from me!

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    Sandra (Lisa) Haaha INSIDEJOKE

    I have no frekken idea how she died. All I got from this shiz is that it was some overdose. It’s too late to change it. So just get over it. Damn. She’s dead. R.I.P.

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    francis logan

    i think that the is more to her death than meets the eye maybe one day we will find out the truth

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    Lisa (Sandra) EVEN BETTER joke

    Who knows? All I can say is that she was very talented and that she’s missed by many.

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    she was the prettiest thing eva whoeva killed her is stupid who would want to kill something so beautiful? :(

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    lauren weston

    why did she kill herself?

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    faith maria

    rest in peace marilyn by your great fan

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    one day the real truth will come out

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    maybe one day will find the truth ……

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    connecting the dots…

    isabelledamotte @ indeed they did. and they know that she remembers

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    Steen Baarts Johansen

    Thank you for revealing this in such a thorough scientific manor, making it possible for everybody to think for himself/herself.

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    Not true at all.

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    Not true at all She died because she didn’t believe in god.

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    That is sad she died at the age of 36 from a drug overdose!

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    Poor Marilyn Monroe! She was such a pretty woman, and also the most popukar sex symbol in the 1950′s! I loved her sooooo much!

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    i think she got killed.!

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    erika && maria

    i love cookies with milk ahahahhahahaha

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    erika && maria

    WHAT IS THE REAL REASON SHE DIED??????????????????????????

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    MARLYIN MONROE WAS…such an amzing person and still i am wondering why she died??

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    damm its sad how marilyn died i wish i was alive back then to see her or something btw shes hella bomb lol

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    George Vreeland Hill

    The theories about what happened to Marilyn Monroe will never go away.
    If someone like RFK killed her, then Eunice Murray would have seen him because she was in the house that night.
    Also, there would have been noises.
    I don’t think Marilyn took her own life.
    She simply took too many pills for her body to handle.
    George Vreeland Hill

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    she was murderd

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    MM neither committed suicide nor overdozed on drugs. Refer wikipadia for the circumstances and method of killing both Marilyn and Dorothy Kilgallen and get a clue. Both murders were orchestrated by James Jesus Angleton the then dy chief of cia counter intelligence and surviving victim of bay of pig fiasco. Subsequently Angleton was made to resign because of excesses he committed over his victims. MM was killed by fascist group within Govt / CIA / FBI because she came to know the details of the bizzare JFK murder plan. She was killed by the Chicago mob with the poisonous suppository supplied by the fascist group in California. She was killed immediately after Robert Kennedy left her house at 10.30 pm but before her housekeeper returns from the neighbourhood. RFK was after Marilyn for some documents and not her diary. The idea was to ensure implication of RFK and fall of jfk government. However RFK covered up her murder staging it as suicide scenerio and govt did not fall. However ultimately the fascist forces killed jfk, rfk, john k dorothy kilgallen and dozens of witnesses of jfk murder. Though the possibility of casual sexual encounters between jfk and mm is not ruled out there is no supporting evidence for the same. There were no serious and lasting relationship between them. As regards mm and rfk affairs even Fbi Hoover and some senior CIA agents also personally did not believe that there existed any affairs between them.

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    There is a fact that JF Kennedy had visited Marilyn at the night of her death. Rumors said Marilyn didn’t commit suicide but was murdered by drug injection. Do anyone have some other evidence to show her conversation with JFK that night ?
    What subject led to their violent argument ? If it goes to the secret red diary, is it what JFK seeked for ? Is it the reason behind so that someone need to keep her mouth shut ? DO anyone have any source of the clip to uncover their conversation ?

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    A big section of public has been made to believe that Kennedys were responsible for Marilyn’s murder. Most of the people don’t apply their commonsense and believe that Robert Kennedy who arranged her murder was available at Marilyn’s house on the night of her murder. Now it is a proven fact that Robert F Kennedy was available and left Marilyn’s residence just few minutes prior to her murder. But it is impossible to believe that the US Attorney General RFK was foolish enough to keep himself present in Marilyn’s residence if he was responsible for her murder. Kennedys arranged Marilyn’s murder is an utter lie and a false story fabricated to divert public attention from the truth and real story. The fascist group which killed Marilyn arranged to produce almost 300 fake documents and pictures to establish the fact of love affairs between JFK and MM. Based on such fake documents that famous Seymor Hersh wrote a book on the subject. While I don’t believe the story that Seymor Hersh paid money for using such fake documents I am certain that he must have been paid money for writing the book. Marilyn’s murder was a sting job orchestrated by James Jesus Angleton a CIA fascist and surviving victim of bay of pigs fiasco on behalf of the fascist group.

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    Bill Edwards

    Tony Plant’s chemical analysis of Marilyn’s death is very interesting, however there is no mention of his qualification. I am assuming he is a doctor, a biochemist or similar, but I would like to know. Could you please tell me, Danamo?

    Bill Edwards.

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    El Portal Theatre

    The death of such an icon is a real tragedy. To commemorate the 50th anniversary of her death, we invite you to come and see “Marilyn: Forever Blonde!” at the El Portal Theatre in North Hollywood, California August 2nd-5th. Before the El Portal Theatre was a live theatre, it was one of her very favorite movie theatres. Further more, she went to school just down the street at Lankershim elementary. To learn more about the show, like the “Marilyn: Forever Blonde!” facebook page and privately message us to receive $5 off all tickets.

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    She had undiagnosed Addisons Disease. She had an Adisonian Crisis. Her heart rate dropped. Her phsychiatrist tried to revive her heart with a shot of adrenaline to her heart. He missed the heart and killed her.

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    Mark Foley

    It is interesting to me about this information that states she was found dead in bed at home. Years ago when I was a limo driver, I talked with a man who said he drove an ambulance. He said that he picked MM up, alive and delivered her in same condition to the hospital. He later became owner of that company, before paramedics became part of fire departments. If this is true, what kind of new story-line can be added to this mystery? Who was behind her death? The mob or JFK. Sounds like a new mystery who-dun-it book/movie coming out.

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    My take on this, and let me know what you all think, is that she died of a drug over dosed. Induced by someone, to be murdered. An enema was entered, and distributed the Nembutal. This would explain the bruising and discolouration in her descending colon. The descending colons job is to absorb any liquids or vitamins left. So it makes sense. I think.

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    Considering the level of barbituate and chloral hydrate in her blood and liver the possibility of drug over doze is simply ruled out. She would have lost her senses before consuming even half of the doze actually found in her body. The level was enough even for killing a horse. It was not enema. It was poisonous suppository which gets dissolved in the body due to say body heat etc. It was pushed inside on the top of her colon perhaps by a stick like instrument. That is the reason her colon developed marked purplish star like discoloration and M/s Noguchi and Miner were also confused and wondered as to what happened in MM’s body. Till the end of 2000 Miner adhered to Enema theory but thereafter he made a statement that poisoning was introduced directly through large intestine. Bruising might have occured during hot arguments and struggle with RFK and Peter Lawford also.

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    The story of Marilyn being carried in ambulance is fraught with many doubts and there was a rumor of passing of hush money also in that respect. Two companies claimed carrying MM’s body. However it is a fact that MM was dead by the time ambulance arrived at her residence and at that time California law did not permit the carrying of dead body in ambulance. Hence though ambulance might be there the possibility of ambulance carrying MM to hospital is least. Now it is a proven fact that Robert Kennedy was at Marilyn’s residence just few minutes before MM’s murder took place. One can easily apply the logic and conclude he was not involved in MM’s murder. Though Mafias killed MM they were more interested in keeping MM alive in order to blackmail the Kennedys. Hence The sting job of murder was carried out by mafias on behalf of the fascist forces in Govt/CIA/FBI. After MM was setup at Cal Nova just few days before her murder, both Kennedys and MM were aware of impending danger to MM’s life. One of the objectives of RFK’s visit to MM’s residence on the night of her murder was to warn MM in the context of Cal Nova setup. However it is sad they only warned MM and did not provide active protection. They were more concerned with their image rather than MM’s life. Further Kennedys snapped their ties with MM in a very sudden and crude manner which angered MM very much. She was not at all concerned with their so called affairs. Otherwise MM was holding JFK in very high esteem and respect because of his equal rights views. If alive MM would have warned not only Kennedys but also the whole world against the evil/sinister plans of fascist forces. The mafias sensed this at Cal Nova and decided to kill her before she takes any further step. Though JFK ultimately came to know about all these details he delayed his actions too much and ultimately himself got killed. That Jose Bolano from Mexico (MM’s so called lover) claimed that MM told him the truth if revealed will shock the whole world. However he never revealed what truth MM had told him. What was the truth?

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    Dr Daniel – Dr Bruce Goldberg the known international hypnotherapy practice in Los Angeles, California. had discover the Marilyn Monroe -in her present life.

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    If you want to really know what happened, check this out.

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    she’s dead get over it people! she ain’t coming out of the ground anytime soon!

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    aleida lara

    How can her case not be solves did u guys not find finger prints on her body or any clues of someone that might of have been in her room i dnt think she died by doing suicide she couldnt of killed herself even if in her diary she mentioned on wishind to be dead she had dreams to n this was murder!!..

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    it wasnt a murder it was a sucide is it true

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    This is to reply some comments by Marilyn Monroe. Marilyn was murdered and she neither committed suicide not over dozed on drugs. Mr James Jesus Angleton, a CIA fascist and the surviving victim of Bay of Pig fiasco orchestrated the murders of both Marilyn Monroe(MM) and Dorothy Kilgallen(DK). Refer Wikipedia for the circumstances and method of killing both MM and DK and get a clue. Subsequently when Angleton’s excesses over his victims and his unauthorized killings in domestic areas came to light he was made to resign from CIA counterintelligence.
    Though the murder of MM was orchestrated by Angleton actually mafias killed her by poisonous suppository. This is because as per their policy CIA would never involve itself directly in the murder. Marilyn was killed because she came to know the details of the bizarre JFK murder plan and other very sensitive details relating to the clandestine transactions and illicit relationships involving KGB/CIA/FBI on one hand and the mafias on the other. While KGB wanted to kill her immediately, CIA/FBI /Secret service wanted to be civil and wait and watch the situation for some time before killing her. However they took long time and mafias killed her as desired by KGB. The starlike purplish discoloration on the top of MM’s colon which was observed on her autopsy is the clue to her murder and explains that it was neither suicide nor over dozing on drugs. The decision to kill MM was taken after the failure of setup by mafias at Cal Neva just few days before her murder. In fact both MM and Kennedy were aware of impending danger to MM’s life. One of the objectives of Robert Kennedy’s (RFK) visit to MM’s residence was to warn her in the context of the failure of Cal Neva setup.
    On the fateful night of 4th August Johnny Roselli, a mafia boss and MM’s friend visited MM. While MM and Roselli were entering the guest cottage the killers also sneaked into the guest cottage and killed MM by poisonous suppository. And final justice. Roselli was not traceable and his body was found after more than a month floating in an oil drum with his feet sawed. And 5/6 gun shots on the face of mafia boss Sam Giancana.

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    I have never seen met or heared Marilyn before but my mom is Marilyn’s step cousin I was named after Marilyn

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    Ive reas Tony Plant’s article about MM^’ OD and I vould be very pleased to write to him about these farmacological question. Can you help me to find where I can write?
    Thank you

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    Thanks for posting. Prayers and remembrance for Marilyn Monroe.

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    There’s actually a video on youtube; Marilyn had died from an overdose. But what was extremely strange was, A day before Marilyn had died, she fired her maid and gave her a two week check, but when the police/ambulance turned up at Marilyn’s house, her maid was there doing the laundry at two in the morning?? Doesn’t that make you a little suspicious?

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    Marilyn was killed by mob who were backed by KGB/CIA/FBI in this dirty job. She was killed because she came to know the details of clandestine arms/other deals and evil projects (including the bizarre JFK murder plan) involving KGB/CIA/FBI on one hand and the mafias on the other hand. If Marilyn would have opened her mouth and disclosed these details it would have led to end of mafia raj, resignation of US President, sacking of KGB/CIA/FBI chiefs, through overhauling of KGB/CIA/FBI departments and probably suicide by FBO Hoover. While KGB wanted to kill her immediately CIA/FBI wanted to wait and watch the situation by bugging her house. Finally on failure of Cal Nova setup the mafia decided to kill her.

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    She will be missed

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    What bs…you aren’t named after MM. She’s gone so please don’t try to get attention by exploiting her name.

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    She probably died like tens of thousands of other people died, accidental drug overdose.

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    Some of these posts are ridiculous!

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    Andy Templer

    Some while ago I became aware of a rather odious project by the CIA designated “MK ultra”
    Officially it has now been abandoned, however, the operative word is…officially !!!
    In my reading into MK ultra I happened upon a cross reference to Marilyn Monroe. I note others must have done the same thing because there are now articles appearing on the web expanding further on this matter. Initially I was rather sceptical maybe even dismissive of the contention. However, the more I have read and the more I have considered the notion the more plausible it has become, to a point where I would now describe my viewpoint as…. “Entirely possible”
    If you haven`t, may I suggest you have a look at was is already freely available on the subject of MK ultra and MK ultra/Marilyn Monroe and maybe publish your views on the matter. I would certainly be interested in reading those views !!??

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