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Marilyn Monroe – Gentlemen Prefer Blondes



15 July 1953


91 minutes


Directed by: Howard Hawks

Script by: Charles Lederer


Marilyn Monroe


Lorelei Lee



Jane Russell

Charles Coburn

Elliot Reid

Tommy Noonan

George ‘Foghorn’ Winslow




Plot A film about two comediennes on a ship on their way to Paris, where one of them will marry a millionaire. All kinds of complications occur on the journey across two continents, but all turns out well in the end. Jane Russell, as Dorothy, and Marilyn Monroe, as Lorelei. Includes the songs ‘Diamonds are a girls best friend’, ‘Two Little Girls From Little Rock’, ‘Bye Bye Baby’ and ‘When Love Goes Wrong’.


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  1. Tracy Groat says:

    GPB is an awesome movie, I love Marilyn’s character and all the dresses she wore are BEAUTIFUL like she was

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