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General Facts

Born – June 1, 1926, Los Angeles, CA
Died – August 4, 1962, Los Angeles, CA

Marilyn is buried at Westwood Memorial Cemetery, 1218 Glendon Avenue, Westwood California. Click here to see a picture of her crypt.

Studio Measurements: 37-23-36 (inches), 93.9 – 58.4 – 91.4 (centimeters)
Dressmaker Measurements: 35-22-35 (inches), 88.9 – 55.8 – 88.9 (centimeters)
Hair: Natural Brown, dyed Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Height: 5 feet, 5½ inches, 166.62 (centimeters)
Weight: 118 pounds 53.5 kilograms
Dress size: 12
Pant Size: 8
Shoe Size: 7AA (US) 38-39 (European)
Bra Size: 36D

(See our “How Much Did Marilyn Monroe Weigh?” page also)

Number of toes – 10. (There is a false rumor that she had 6 toes on each foot, but baby pictures show otherwise, and people who knew her intimately say that she was perfect in all her measurements and dimensions.)

Her favorite colors: . Beige, Black, White, Red.
Her favorite perfume:
Her favorite beverage: Dom Perignon 1953
Her favorite place to shop: Bloomingdales
Her favorite restaurant: Romanoff’s
Her favorite Actors: Clark Gable, Marlon Brando, Charlie Chaplin
Her favorite actresses: Greta Garbo, Jean Harlow, Ginger Rogers, Marie Dressler, Joan Crawford, Olivia de Havilland

Did she wear underwear? Depends on who you ask

Social Security Number: 563-32-0764
Phone Numbers at 5th Helena Home: 476-1890 and 472-4830

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Schools Attended

Here is a chronological listing of the schools that Norma Jeane / Marilyn attended.
They are all in the Los Angeles area.

Ballona Elementary and Kindergarten, 1931-1932, Kindergarten, age 5-6
Vine Street, 1932-1934, grades 1-2, age 6-8.
Selma Street, 1934-1935, 3rd grade, age 8-9.
Vine Street, 1935-1937, grades 4-5, age 9-11.
Lankershim, 1937-1938, 6th grade, age 11-12.
Sawtelle Blvd, 1938-1939, 7th grade, age 12-13.
Emerson Jr. High, 1939-1941, grades 8-9, age 13-15.
Van Nuys High, 1941-1942, 10th grade, age 15.
University High, 1942, 10th grade, age 15.
(she changed schools in 10th grade, then dropped out to marry Jim Dougherty)
UCLA, 1951. She took evening courses in Art Appreciation and Literature.

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Marilyn’s Art Interests and Collection

  • MM took an art appreciation class at UCLA in 1951.
  • She had reproductions of Durer, Fra Angelico, and da Vinci in her Hollywood apartment.
  • In 1955 she told Earl Wilson she was a fan of Goya.
  • She purchased a bust of Ancient Egyptian Queen Nefertiti for her Waldorf-Astoria apartment in New York.
  • She told other reporters that her favorite artists were Goya, Picasso, and El Greco.
  • In 1955 she attended a Rodin exhibition at the Metroploitan Museum of Art, and in particular she liked Pygmalion and Galatea and The Hand of God
  • She had a Toulouse-Lautrec in her reception room in her East 57th St. apartment in New York.
  • Also in that apartment she had a large, nude, black metal statue by William Zorach.
  • The year of her death, she purchased three paintings from the Byrna Art Gallery in Mexico City for her Brentwood home.
  • She also bought a Rodin statue of a man and a woman in a passionate embrace, which she displayed in the living room of her Brentwood home.

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    Awards won by Marilyn

  • While in school, awarded a fountain pen for an essay she wrote, entitled Dog, Man’s Best Friend
  • E Certificate for excellence on her job at the Radio Plane Company.
  • Miss Press Club of 1948 by the Los Angeles Press Club.
  • Miss Chesecake of the Year, 1951 from Stars and Stripes.
  • The present all GI’s would like to find in their Christmas stocking, 1951
  • The Best Young Box Office Personality, the Henrietta awards, 1951.
  • The Girl Most Likely to Thaw Alaska, the Soldiers in the Aleutians.
  • The Girl Most Wanted to Examine, the 7th Division Medical Corps.
  • The Girl They Would Most Like to Intercept, the All Weather Fighter Squadron Three of San Diego.
  • Cheesecake Queen of 1952, from Stars and Stripes.
  • Most Promising Female Newcomer of 1952, the Look Magazine Achievement Awards.
  • The Most Advertised Girl in the World 1953, from the Advertising Association of the West.
  • Fastest Rising Star of 1952, from Photoplay magazine awards.
  • Best Young Box Office Personality, from Redbook magazine awards, 1953.
  • The Best Friend a Diamond Ever Had, from the Jewelry Academy, 1953.
  • World Film Favorite, the Golden Globe Awards, 1953.
  • Best Actress, from Photoplay magazine awards, 1954, for Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, and How to Marry a Millionaire,
  • The Thank-God Award: To Marilyn Monroe, who in a sweeping public service has made no movies this year, from Harvard Lampoon, 1958.
  • Best Foreign Actress of 1958, the David di Donatello Prize (Italian Oscar) for The Prince and the Showgirl.
  • Best Foreign Actress, 1959, the Crystal Star Award (French Oscar) for The Prince and the Showgirl.
  • Best Actress in a Comedy, 1959, the Golden Globe Awards, for Some Like It Hot.
  • World Film Favorite, 1961, the Golden Globe Awards.

    Marilyn Monroe and Jane Russel’s handprints in cement.
    (Click on thumbnail for full size picture)
    See the Videos page for footage of Monroe and Russel putting their hands in the cement!

    Other Movie Awards

    All About Eve, 1950

  • Best Picture, the Academy Awards.
  • Best Picture, the British Academy Awards.
  • Best Picture, the New York Film Critics.
  • Second Best Picture, the National Board of Review.
  • Ninth Best Picture, the New York Times.
  • Tenth Best Picture, from Time magazine.

    The Asphalt Jungle, 1950

  • Third Best Picture, the National Board of Review.
  • Fourth Best Picture, from Time magazine.

    Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, 1953

  • One of the Ten Worst Films of the Year, from the Harvard Lampoon.>

    How to Marry a Millionaire, 1953

  • One of the Ten Worst Films of the Year, from the Harvard Lampoon.

    There’s No Business Like Show Business, 1954

  • One of the Worst Ten Films of the Year, from the Harvard Lampoon.
  • Bus Stop, 1956

  • Fourth Best Picture, from the New York Times
  • Tenth Best Picture, the National Board of Review.

    Some Like It Hot, 1959

  • Best Picture, from Time magazine.
  • Seventh Best Picture, the National Board of Review.

    Please see the Filmography page for more film details.

    Marilyn’s star in the sidewalk is right in front of McDonald’s, at 6774 Hollywood Boulevard. The star was placed here on February 9, 1960.

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    Marilyn’s Agents

    • The Blue Book Model Agency
      Emmeline Snively
    • National Concert Artists Corporation
      Helen Ainsworth
      Harry Lipton
    • The William Morris Agency
      Johnny Hyde
    • Famous Artists Agency
      Charles Feldman
      Hugh French
      Jack Gordeen
    • MCA
      George Chasin

    Marilyn’s Beauty Secrets

    • Her first husband, Jim Dougherty, recalls that she used to rinse her face fifteen times after every wash.
    • At times she would smear Vaseline, cold cream, or hormone cream over her face.
    • When not wearing makeup, she would apply lanolin or olive oil to her face as a protecting agent.
    • She would sometimes take ice baths, prepared by her masseur, Ralph Roberts, into which she would add Chanel No. 5.
    • She told photographer Bert Stern in 1962 that she always used Nivea Skin Moisturizing Lotion.

    Marilyn’s Cosmetic Surgery

  • Prior to the shooting of Ladies of the Chorus, (1948) Dr. Walter Taylor, an orthodontist specializing in cosmetic surgery, fixed her front teeth, which protruded slightly.
  • In 1950, Johnny Hyde arranged for her to have her nose and chin surgically perfected. The details are unknown.

    Marilyn’s Residences

    Here is a list of homes where Marilyn lived and the years that she lived there. Please also see the Places to Visit in LA page if you are looking to tour Marilyn Monroe sites.

    5454 Wilshire Blvd Los Angeles, CA 1926
    459 E Rhode Island St Hawthorne, CA 1926-32
    Los Angeles Orphans Home 815 N El Centro Ave Hollywood, CA 1935-37
    6707 Odessa Ave Van Nuys, CA 1937
    14743 Archwoods St Van Nuys, CA 1937
    6707 Odessa Ave Van Nuys, CA 1938
    11348 Nebraska Ave. Sawtelle, CA 1938-41
    6707 Odessa Ave. Van Nuys, CA 1941-42
    11348 Nebraska Ave. Sawtelle, CA 1942
    4524 Vista Del Monte St. Sherman Oaks, CA 1942
    14747 Archwood St. Van Nuys, CA 1943
    11348 Nebraska Ave. Sawtelle, CA 1945-46
    Studio Club 1215 N Lodi St Hollywood, CA 1946-47
    131 South Avon St. Burbank, CA 1947
    El Palaccio Apts. 8491-8499 Fountain Ave West Hollywood, CA 1947-48
    Bel Air Hotel 701 Stone Canyon Rd Beverly Hills, CA 1948
    Beverly Carlton Hotel 9400 W Olympic Blvd Beverly Hills, CA 1948
    Studio Club 1215 N Lodi St Hollywood, CA 1948-49
    141 South Carolwood Dr. Holmby Hills, CA 1949
    718 North Palm Dr. Beverly Hills, CA 1950
    1309 Harper Ave. West Hollywood, CA 1950-51
    Beverly Carlton Hotel 9400 W Olympic Blvd Beverly Hills, CA 1951
    3539 Kelton Way West Los Angeles, CA 1951
    611 North Crescent Dr. Beverly Hills, CA 1951-52
    1121 HilIdale Ave. West Hollywood, CA 1952
    Beverly Carlton Hotel 9400 W Olympic Blvd Beverly Hills, CA 1952
    Bel Air Hotel 701 Stone Canyon Rd Beverly Hills, CA 1952
    Outpost Estates 2393 Castilian Dr Hollywood Hills, CA 1952
    Beverly Hills Hotel 9641 W Sunset Blvd Beverly Hills, CA 1952-53
    882 North Doheny Dr Beverly Hills, CA 1953-54
    2150 Beach St San Francisco, CA 1954
    508 North Palm Dr Beverly Hills, CA 1954
    8336 Delongpre Ave Hollywood, CA 1954
    Voltaire Apartments 1424 N Crescent Heights West Hollywood, CA 1954
    The Milton Greene Home Fanton Hill Rd Weston, CT 1954-55
    Waldorf Astoria Hotel 301 Park Ave New York, NY 1955
    Sutton Place Apartment 2 Sutton Pl New York, NY 1955-56
    Roxbury Farm Home Roxbury, CT 1956-1960
    Parkside House Estate Egham, England 1956
    Amagansett Retreat Amagansett, Long Island, NY 1957-58
    Fifty Seventh St. Apt. 444 E 57 St New York, NY 1957-62
    Beverly Hills Hotel 9641 W Sunset Blvd Beverly Hills, CA 1958-60
    The Mapes Hotel 30 N Virginia St Reno, NV 1960
    The Holiday Hotel 111 Mill St Reno, NV 1960
    Beverly Hills Hotel 9641 W Sunset Blvd Beverly Hills, CA 1961
    882 North Doheny Dr Beverly Hills, CA 1961-62
    12305 Fifth Helena Dr Brentwood, CA 1962

    The Los Angeles Orphans Home where Marilyn lived as a girl still exists today and is known as Hollygrove.

    Picture of bungalows 20A and 21A at the Beverly Hills hotel. Marilyn lived in 21A (right side of doorway) with Arthur Miller during the filming of “Let’s Make Love.” Her co-star, Yves Montand, and his wife, Simone Signoret, lived in 20A (left side of doorway.)

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    Marilyn’s Natal Horoscope Chart

    Marilyn’s Husbands

    Jim Dougherty, June 1942-September 1946
    Joe DiMaggio, January 1954-October 1954
    Arthur Miller, June 1956-January 1961
    For the record, it is alledged that Bob Slatzer was married to her for a few days in Mexico in October 1952 but there is no marriage certificate to prove it.

    Marilyn’s Cars

    The following is a chronological list of the cars that Marilyn Monroe owned, as well as the cars that she frequently drove or was driven in.
    1. The Bolenders’ Model-I Ford-Hawthorne, circa 1926-32
    2. Jim Dougherty’s blue 1940 coupe
    3, Jim Dougherty’s 1935 Ford sports car-which Norma Jeane retained when the couple divorced
    4. A 1948 Ford convertible-which MM purchased when she began to make money and which was soon repossessed
    5. A 1950 Pontiac convertible
    6. A black Cadillac convertible (license #2166185)-probably the Cadillac that MM received for appearing on “The Jack Benny Show,” circa 1953-54
    7 Joe DiMaggio’s black Cadillac (license “Joe D”)-the car that the DiMaggios hopped into immediately following their 1954 wedding ceremony
    8. A black Thunderbird sports car-the car MM drove when she moved to New York in 1956. It may have been purchased for her by Milton H. Greene.
    9. Arthur Miller’s Jaguar-New York, circa 1957
    10. A white Cadillac-the car MM drove (and was driven in) during the 1960 location shooting of The Misfits. It was probably rented.
    11. A chauffeur-driven black limousine-Upon her return to Los Angeles in 1961, MM did not purchase another car. For certain occasions, she was driven about in this limo. Mrs. Eunice Murray’s modest green Dodge-For everyday, noneventful occasions, MM For certain occasions, she was driven about in this limo.
    12. Mrs. Eunice Murray’s green Dodge – For everyday, noneventful occasions, MM was driven about Los Angeles by Mrs. Murray, circa 1961-62

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    Marilyn’s Pets

    “1 like animals. If you talk to a dog or a cat it doesn’t tell you to shut up.”
    (For more MM quotes or quotes from others about MM, see the Quotes page).
    Marilyn Monroe loved animals. During her lifetime, she had the following pets:
    1. Tippy: Jippy was a black-and-white dog given to Norma Jeane by her foster father, Albert Wayne Bolender. Every day, Tippy accompanied Norma Jeane to school. He even used to wait ~or her to play with him at recess. Circa 1932, Tippy was shot dead by a neighbor who claimed that Tippy had been rolling around in his garden.

    2. A Spaniel: When Norma Jeane lived with the Goddard family, she and her ‘~sister,” Beebe shared a pet spaniel, circa 1940.

    3. Muggsie: Jim Dougherty bought his wife a pet collie named Muggsie. However, after she began her modeling career, Norma Jeane had less time for her dog. Subsequently, Muggsie died of a ‘broken heart.”

    4. A Chihuahua: At the time she was signed by Columbia Pictures in 1948, Marilyn Monroe owned a pet Chihuahua.

    5, Mitsou: Mitsou was a white Persian cat that Marilyn Monroe owned in New York in the mid 1950s.

    6. Hugo: A basset hound who lived with MM and Arthur Miller at their East 57th Street apartment in New York. Once, Norman Rosten and Marilyn spoon-fed straight scotch to Hugo to cheer him up. When Marilyn and Arthur split up, Arthur retained possession of Hugo.

    7. Butch was a parakeet owned by the Millers. Butch also resided at the East 57th Street apartment.

    8. Ebony: A riding horse that the Millers purchased from Frank and Nan Taylor for their Connecticut farm. MM rode Ebony only a few times.

    9. Maf: Maf was a little white French poodle who was given to MM in New York by Frank Sinatra. Sinatra had purchased the dog from Natalie Wood’s mother. As has been widely reported, Marilyn named the dog “Maf” because of Frank Sinatra’s alleged mafia connections. lnterestingly, to spite Arthur Miller, Marilyn used to let Maf sleep on an expensive white beaver coat that Miller had presented her. When Marilyn returned to live in Hollywood, she had Maf flown back to be with her. Following her death, Maf was inherited by Frank Sinatra’s secretary, Gloria Lovell.

    To see pictures of Marilyn with her pets and other animals visit Absolute Marilyn Monroe Guide by clicking here and then on Animals in her site’s menu.

    Marilyn’s Salaries

    Marilyn’s salary was probably the worst in Hollywood history. Here are the numbers, you do the math.
    First contract with Fox, 1945, $75 per week
    Fox contract renewal, 1947, $150 per week
    Columbia contract, 1948, $125 per week
    Tom Kelley / Nude calendar, 1949, $50
    Promoting “Love Happy,” 1949, $100 per week
    For “The Asphalt Jungle, ” 1950, $350 per week. $1050 total
    Second Fox contract, 1951, $500 per week with semiannual increase up to $1500
    For “Clash by Night,” 1952, $500 per week
    For “We’re Not Married, ” 1952, $750 per week
    For “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes,” 1953, $1250 per week
    For “River of No Return, There’s No Business Like Show Business, and The Seven Year Itch,” 1954 – 1955, $1500 per week
    Nex Fox contract, 1956, $100,000 fee plus $500 per week expenses
    For “Some Like It Hot,” 1959, $100,000 fee plus 10% of the profits
    For “The Misfits,” 1961, $300,000 fee plus 10% of the profits
    For “Something’s Got To Give,” 1962, $100,000 fee if she had finished it

    Marilyn’s FBI Report

    Click on the following links to read Marilyn’s FBI report: Part 1, Part 2. You might also be interested in her Autopsy. For information on how she died, please read the How She Died page. There are also many posts on the chat board in regards to circumstances around her death.


    Did Marilyn have abortions?
    According to Norman Mailer, in his book, “Marilyn,” he says that Milton Greene told him that Marilyn had some abortions. Mailer claims she had at least 12 abortions by the time she was 29!
    Also, Amy Greene and Henry Rosenfeld both said that Marilyn had told them that she had abortions.
    There is no proof of it through medical records and stuff like that though, because abortions were illegal and so no records would have been kept.
    However, to have that many “back-alley” abortions would have surely messed Marilyn up gynecologically, but her autopsy report doesn’t report any abnormalities of this nature.

    Ask Danamo

    Have a question about Norma Jean / Marilyn Monroe not answered here? Dying to know? See Ask Danamo for options to find out more facts and information.

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  • 117 thoughts on “Marilyn Monroe – Facts & Info”

    1. Hello! After looking at the photos of Marilyn and Maf, it looks to me that he was Bologese rather than a poodle. Has anyone ever found any official pedigree papers for Maf?

    2. Good Day:

      Would you know a web location for a color- Photo-calendar in her late-in-life year(s) with the following color photo:

      1) She is wearing a black one piece swim suit. Nothing skimpy or cheap, never-the-less quite form fitting.
      2) The suit is, I believe, finely knit fabric rather than a rubberized pullover.
      3) She is sitting on a grassy, rather slightly downhill left to right, streamside area, along a small slightly curving stream or river.
      4) The stream flow is from behind her and proceeding on around to exit the photo at the right foreground if I recall.
      5) Both legs, I believe are gently folded under her a bit.
      6) The photo is left – to – right oriented. With HER looking sort-of off and to the right (which is actually off to her left) a bit but still also mostly toward the camera and downriver toward or past the viewer.
      7) Her beautiful image is in the left 48% or more of the page, and is balanced by the natural beauty of the small river or stream curving forward to her right flowing roughly toward and then past the camera. And there is a slight vista of landscape and trees beyond the river and to the right of the stream. And a more relaxed vista of – perhaps a house or farm behind her back or just more mature trees. Can’t recall.
      8) The swim suit is more modest compared with some she has been photographed with, and she may be holding something . . . can’t remember. A book, flowers or just folded hands . . .
      9) It must have been one of her later, or last photos because: Photo seems 110% hi speed Echtachrome photo quality ca 1960 +
      10) And the water in the creek, river or stream is glistening and reflects – not her image per-se but her composure and professional model look is enhanced by such balance of lights. Was probably taken in early afternoon.
      11) Such photo is a part of a twelve month mid size wall hanging photo calendar such as an upper class Hollywood establishment may have used or given out . . . THANK YOU

    3. Danamo is a great name and your website is great. Love Marilyn–have you seen a wonderful book called “Marilyn Forever”? I got it about a year ago and have learned so much about her, admire her even more now. Plus it’s beautifully illustrated, unlike so many thick biographies. This one isn’t a biography, it’s all quotes, I like that the author doesn’t have an agenda. Do you do, should you do, book reviews? So many Marilyn books, so little time! Keep up the excellent work–thank you ever so :-)

    4. I am convinced that What happened was Robert Kennedy got drunk in the presence of Marilyn Monroe and couldn’t remember if he had said something or not…

      Given Marilyn’s indirect links to the Mafia through her relationship with Frank Sinatra, the Kennedy’s had her under surveillance through the FBI.

      Whether they overheard something or not, I think the Kennedy’s took the decision to kill Marilyn to sever any connection between them and the mafia.

      There is little doubt in my mind that Marilyn was sad during those last days but that sadness was a culmination of not finding someone who truly loved her and she loved in return…

      Someone who loved her for who she was as a human and could accept everything about her, and the sad fact that she could never have children.

      I think that perhaps she was threatened towards the end, someone saying to her that she was through and finished in Hollywood. That they would strip her of her fame.

      But I really think none of that really mattered to Marilyn as much as finding true happiness and peace.

      In effect Marilyn had become a slave to her fame, in so much as the pressures placed on her to be the persona Marilyn,

      What Marilyn wanted was to be herself, to be allowed the freedom to be Marilyn without time constraints or pressure.

      MM was like the most beautiful flower that was only allowed to bloom in a box…

      The sad thing is, all of the above could have been known while she was alive, if only people could have connected really to her as apposed to the Persona.

      Even people she was close to or rather that considered themselves close to her, didn’t really see the real person.

      We are at a point in time where we all have a chance to live very very long lives with the advances of technology… I would gladly give up that for a chance to go back in time and be with Marilyn.

      I love you MM, I love you!

      1. It is very difficult to accept death on any scale. Marilyn Monroe’s death was epic. Like so many actors/ actresses before her and after her death, Marilyn Monroe was a creation. Someone saw the potential and ran with it. Or course, she’ll always be Norma Jean to anyone who really knew her from inside her heart. In Hollywood and its circle of craziness, she was Marilyn Monroe. A creation. Much like John Wayne or Roy Rogers. Both of whom were created by a Hollywood system in need of talent.

        What set Marilyn apart from all the rest was her extremely beautiful photogenic look. The camera loved her. However, underneath all that was a young women with issues. Issues serious enough that she could’ve easily taken her own life. Lest we remember, psychology/ psychologist was relatively a new field of study. Very few, if any ever got close enough to Marilyn to save her from herself. She wasn’t insane or crazy, but she did have issues dating back to child hood. Some of which certainly had the potential to affect her as a young adult. Throw in fame and fortune and it was a recipe for disaster. She was very smart, but not officially educated. She was always seen reading. She loved to read. A degree to Marilyn would have been as meaningless as a cell phone to an infant. It just wouldn’t matter because she was well read, but not formely educated.

        Was she murdered? No one really actually knows. In the absence of any creditable reliable information/ sources, we’re left to speculate. Which, in this case is truly sad. I prefer to look at untimely death as a mistake on her part. Perhaps she was inebriated. She took some pills. Went to sleep. Woke up, forgot she already took some pills. She took more pills. She went to sleep, but this time, she never woke up. I have stated this many times to so many people. Each time I do, I cry. Its hard to comprehend how someone so very lovely, so beautiful, so popular can also be so very lonely and sad. Her beautiful smile not betraying what is going on inside. She was always smiling. Her smile was infectious. Yet, it hid a deep dark secret. One that only she knew of. No one. Not even her closest friends would know what was going on in her heart.

        The mystery surrounding her death will go on ad infinitum. For us, life is just too short to speculate. I’m sure she would tell all of us to quite worrying about what happened to me, start living your life with purpose. Let me please rest in peace. Let my work speak for me. Not how I departed this world. Everything I did was for my audience, my fans. That is what I believe she would’ve wanted from all of us.

        Its hard not to fall in love with such beauty?

    5. GucciMaNnE’ What medicine did Marilyn Monroe take? Or what did she do to help herself?? My Name is ChelseaLynn Dupree & I’m just trying to take the right medicine to get better & get out MyFamily lives, Or whoever these people clearily are!!
      Before TheWeekend ahead of April 18,16 some FreaKy stuff was happening, But before that iWas talking to GoD. ? Considering iHave images of MyPast about MyChildhood, ETC… This 1OnE in ParTiCularly iWant, Or still want something done about TheSituation because iHad to sit there & watch Dr.Phil !!!Not just Me, Everyone as well. if certain people was witnesses to what was going on didn’t noone ask me nothing they just left me alone. LiKe there’s things that happend in between all of this. EveryOne got their ProoF of who iWas, who was still living & not living… Why they kept going iHave KNOWCLUE??KinDa! Mane that made me so angry with TheWorld.
      iWas doing MyOwn thing trying to figure out MyAuntDarlene death, MyMeMories, all the above. GoD says it all happend in OnE night. iClearly asked MyMom why did iHave aSpoT under MyLeft tit.?at the same time doing MyOwn invegating thinking it had something to do with TheWreck iHad.
      FunnYGunnY. ???
      On one of MyFacebooks thats locked up in Messenger iAsked MyDadsMoms did she ever remember me getting in to aWreck. She told me No. iKnow iWasnt tripping because iKnow who iWas with & got into aWreck with, iRemember the truck, What iWoke up to.. Also remember another wreck where MyHands had blood on them & MyMom was at the back of an Ambulance truck. iRemeber iWalked over to the Ambulance truck.. MoM : “Are you okay? Me : “Yes’ iJust have blood on MyHands.” That was all. MyMoM comforted me that night/time. Theres also this time iRemember going to the woods. iDk there? iWasjust with MyAunt&Dad. iReally would like to talk on the phone or something about the rest because it really is TooMuch! Thrrx??? After all this iHope you are still out on the world & living doing your thing. iLove❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ some of your songs & your VoiCe. You may feel the same as the rest of SocieTy but I’m stuCk!): in Hell! Which way do iTurn?? Seriously!! Consisting iMight go blind, deaf, lose everything. When clearly it’s happening to me all over again. I’ve been through the struggle. I’ve been on a TV as aBaby, iSeen with my own eyes. iDk what degree the oven , ETC was on. But if it was ME iSeen with my own eyes!! Its ALLoT, ALLoT, ALLot! So messed up in the head iDidnt know what do at a CRiSiS. STiLL don’t! Please give me a Call or something. MyCell is 6016693905. Hopefully I’ll be waiting.. My Email is

        1. As a costume student I’ve learned that actual measurements from performers will always differ from publicised ones. Almost all good dressmakers will hide exact measurements so as not to worry the actress! They are always concerned about weight and size etc so confidentiality is soooo important ?

      1. I believe it would be actual dress measurements are her actual measurements, whereas the movie studio measurements were what was put out in her publicity information. In other words, the movie studio wanted to promote the idea that her bust was a bit larger than it really was.

    6. I love Marilyn. I have always been fascinated by her charm and looks but I am only starting to discover her now. Yesterday I saw a documentary about her life, it made me feel sad and I cried. She is a good soul, I hope we could all meet her one day.

        1. I too Love her… not the persona.. The real Human behind all of that. Time may separate her from me, but that doesn’t chance the fact that I shall and all will until my last dying breath love her completely.

    7. Hello,
      I would like to know who owns the rights to use Marilyn’ name on underwear and such things?
      No I see they are going to have a commercial during the super bowl for snickers with Marilyn singing Happy Birthday in a grumpy mood. I think that’s in poor taste. Who allows this?

      1. Stefanie, there’s nothing perverted about a bra size. The perversion must lie within YOU. I find nothing at all wrong with someone’s bra size; it’s just a number and a letter, after all!

      1. No its been proven that she died an accidental death. She combined 2 different medications that stopped her heart. It wasn’t murder or suicide.

        1. Not proven at all… One thing that is certain though… she did not commit suicide. I do not have the answers but I suspect my own personal investigation into what happened will be ongoing throughout my life.

          I know that there was a connection with Mexico that has not been investigated fully.

          Thus far my investigation leads me to believe that she was killed because of her influence on Jack Kennedy… who was himself being subverted by a hidden hand…

          This hidden hand is where I believe the order came to kill Marilyn… because her influence on Jack was weakening thier control over him.

          1. I must take exception to what you stated. Though years have gone by, the Marilyn Monroe I know had issues within. In the absence of any verifiable creditable peer reviewed information, we must conclude that she simply made a human error in judgement. Not entirely impossible, considering alcohol and medicine can be most formidable. Add in stress and exhaution and it’s a recipe for disaster.

            No. Murder just isn’t plausible or verifiable. I understand murder pretty well. The dynamic doesn’t fit the situation. In either case, accidental death is quite common among those whose lives are extreme. Marilyn had a very very extreme life. Add pills and alcohol……

            Marilyn Monroe was a creation. Hollywood created her. Inside though, she was always Norma Jean. Those who knew her when she was a child knew this too be true. Her beauty was but skin deep. Her real beauty lay within her heart. Soft spoken, she was very soft spoken and that wasn’t an act.

            Human error affects more human’s vs anything else upon our planet. Anyone could’ve made such a mistake regardless of who or what they are or were.

            Let us let her rest in peace?

      2. Marilyn Monroe was not married at the time of her death. Further, she had three ex-husbands (at least) and in all of what I have ever read, except for your comment here, no one has ever accused any of her former husband’s.

    8. I won’t say I understand everything on the autopsy report – but anyone who is going to mention it should read it very closely.
      Her liver temperature was 89 degrees – indicating she had not
      been dead more than nine hours – amazing that she received such a detailed autopsy – with someone taking notes while Dr. Noguchi proceeded – that was an extraordinary level of attention.
      Her stomach fluids are also mentioned as brown in color – but containing no trace of “the pills”. What those pills are, and how they killed her, is similarly not mentioned – very mysterious considering she’d only been dead nine hours. There is enough mystery right there to fuel endless theories – but, no matter, no matter what is said or done, nothing can dull the brightness of her star, on the screen, or in our hearts.

    9. john Roselli lived 10311 wilshire blvd near s beverly glen.
      Marilyn monroe lived at 595 NORTH beverly glen .
      John Roselli lived 1333 S Beverly glen .near wilshire blvd.
      even his apartment 1251 N crescent Heights blvd( same area)
      Marillyn aka Norma Jean lived 11348 Nebraska ave (14-20)
      Milton Berle lived 904 crescent Dr (former gloria swanson home)
      Ernie Kovacs died jan 12 1962 on corner beverlyglen/stMonicaBlvd.
      Marilyn monroe died aug5 1962 at 12305 fifthHelenaDr brentwood La

    10. hi im looking for marylns shoe size as i have a pair supposed to be hers and authenticated the size is 6 I/2 is that true

    11. Hi, my name is Claudiu R. and as a friend of Michael Selsman, Marilyn’s last publicist, I’d like to offer you and over 100 other fans of Marilyn a once in a lifetime opportunity:

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      You’ll also receive a signed copy of Michael’s book “All Is Vanity”

      The offer is of a limited time and subject to change, with each purchase, as the supply decreases, the price increases.

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    12. Pat Kennedy (Jacks sister) killed MM, she kept warning MM to stop talking about him leaving Jackie and she kept telling her to let him go that nothing was ever going to change with him and Jackie. Basically Pat warned MM several times, Pat had access to MM’s home had been there several times and after talking that night MM would gladly have taken any number of pills that Pat gave her to take telling her it would help her rest! It was Pat -100%!

      1. In Corinor report, their were no pills or drugs in her stomach. Robert Kennedy had them put in her system anailley. With a anama.

      2. Can you provide/ offer peer reviewed verifiable and creditable proof of such an allegation? I don’t mean to offend you or your idea of what may have occurred, but your statement doesn’t fit the dynamic of what happened. Its true, jealousy is often a motivator for murder. However, it is very very hard to prove.

    13. Patti, you have no idea what kind of person Norma Jean/Marilyn was, let alone how many pregnancies she terminated. Birth control options were very limited in the mid-20th century; oral contraceptives hadn’t even been invented yet! It makes me sad that her life is picked apart by people like you.

        1. She did…. She wanted to have children very much. Marilyn Loved Children.

          Unfortunately she was not able to have children and suffered three miscarriages while married to Arthur Miller following an ectopic pregnancy she was told she couldn’t have children…

          It’s very sad.

    14. Just watched Lifetime’s special on Marilyn. As far as her contracts, $1500 a week in 1955 would translate to about $13,000 a week today, which isn’t all that great for a well known actor. (Although I, a non-actor, would take it if dropped into a film or TV production, LOL!)

      If only Joe DiMaggio could have recognized the game for what it was and not acted so petulant during the filming of the Marylin’s upturned dress over the grate scene of The Seven Year Itch. I’m a man, and IMO men like DiMaggio acted like such Betas back then. A real Alpha dude would have seen the Big Picture and gone with it.

      Had Joe stayed with Marilyn, who almost certainly would have gone into television as she got older, they’d have been a premier power couple, like Beyonce and Jay-Z today. Heck, it could have been Joe and Marilyn doing those Mr. Coffee spots back in the 70s. Just my two cents.

      1. It wasn’t Joe d. Tht was repulsed by the subway vent blowing MM dress up…it was 3rd husband & play write Arthur miller.

          1. Ann, get your facts straight!
            Joe DiMaggio stopped having flowers delivered to Marilyn’s grave many years before he died.

        1. Ann, get your facts straight!
          Marilyn was married to Joe DiMaggio when she filmed the subway grate scene for The Seven Year Itch!
          She married Arthur Miller after she and DiMaggio were divorced.

    15. I can still remember when I was just 6 years old when I first watched one of Marilyn Monroe’s movie entitled “Some like it Hot”, that’s the very first time I fell for her….
      Thanks for Publishing this, I happen to collect all the written books of her but that was never enough

      1. Nikita, you’re wrong! Marilyn’s body was discovered and pronounced dead at the scene after midnight on Sunday, August 5, 1962. But the autopsy determined she had been dead for many hours before the body was discovered. Therefore, she had actually died well before midnight on Saturday, August 4, 1962.

    16. marilyn monroe is a woman that only thiught about beauty. She had no values and i dont and will never understand her. 12 abortions seriously? Killing herself? I will never understand why people look up to her

      1. Abortion? Are you fucking serious? She did not have any Abortions, she suffered an Abnormal Uterus, so that happens that her egg is unable to fertile

        1. I disagree. She had a pregnancy with 3rd husband Arthur Miller. It is only assumed that she lost that pregnancy because of alcohol and drug use.

      2. Because she lived in a time when women were not allowed to be promiscuous and she was. She may not have waged war for womens rights, but she certainly helped pave the way for women to be considered more as independent rather than simple house wives. And suicide is a tragedy that should never occur, but it does. In her case I think the life she led was hard and she worked her way to fame but she never really felt loved or wanted. Idolized, adored, attractive, popular. But never really loved.

      3. How dare you judge her you don’t know what is the truth is there is no evidence in her autopsy that shows she had back alley abortions.she worked hard for what she wanted she was an amazing actress and singer people always talked about her whether it was good or bad but Norma Jean preserved she took and took all the bs she was a strong ,loving,caring person I’ am proudto say iI admire such an amazing person .so before you start passing judgment on her you should know her story who are you the judge Marilyn you idiot she was beautiful and graceful and had the drive to be. Successful I’m sure you do not possibly understand what it takes but she did however. Marilyn Monroe is eternal.

        1. You tell her. Marilyn wanted babies! And at the time of her death she had a very healthy body. She took care of herself.

      4. I find your comment rather insulting and pathetic.
        First of all, why are you visiting a site dedicated, secondly learn how to fucking spell, thus far you seem like an uneducated idiot.
        “…she only thiught (did you mean thought) about beauty, and no values”.
        Honey, lose some weight, get out more and educate yourself.

      5. You well never understand her because you didn’t know how she felt to want to be loved but never was. And 12 abortions I don’t believe it simply because there are no records .

      6. Do you know how disgusting you sound. If you read properly her body after death was not found with abnormalities and people CLAIMED these things. After she passed away. Many lies written about her.
        No values? She said no to the casting couch and rich males on yachts. Unlike Hepburn Kelly and Taylor. She didn’t have affairs. Read up on mkultra please. She was a victim.
        She did charity. Whatever money she had (apart from the trust in the end) she gave to charity. Varied charity. She didn’t promote businesses like the other three did in later years when charities became businesses and gave paychecks!
        She wasn’t materialistic either. She lived so simply and didn’t care for expensive things. She read many books. Her library had around 401 books and she loved good people in history. Looks didn’t matter to her. Einstein was among those she found attractive.
        You are very very undereducated when it comes to Marilyn. She was a good person who was ruined by studios and those around her.

      7. Its not about “looking up to her”. It about respect. Abortion, in my opinion is wrong, but who among us can stand in judgement of this women and not find fault within our self?


    17. Does anyone have any info on Marilyn being hospitalized while attending a Chicago Cubs game in Chicago in the early 1950’s? Chicago was playing the Brooklyn Dodgers.

    18. where can i find her birthday ? omg i miss her so much i been in my feelings for the longest i miss her she is so pretty sad she died .

        1. I taught at Selma Elem. Norma Jean Baker had attended Selma in 1937-1939. I only found out this bit of information sometime after I left Selma. Her pictures look are fascinating.

          It is sort of surprising for me to find out that such a famous individual had been there for a couple of years of her life…I wonder how many times I walked by her classroom…

            1. No evidence of any “pills” were found in the autopsy…..who would hv had supreme influence on the findings a result of death listed by a coroner. …If not someone or entity in Supreme Power..
              …I.E. an elected or appointed official. Let’s use as example only….The President of the USA…or maybe his brother. …say the Attorney General. Whose job officially is to legally defend the Constitution….or go further. …BOTH of sd. Officials were at the time of MM death being investigated by J. EDGAR HOOVER Director of the F.B.I R.F.K. believed Hoover had mafia ties . And Hoover hated R.F.K. ( The files on MM are public because of the Freedom Of Information Act.) and on line. MM was being followed & photographed by the F.B.I. because of her. ..not hidden.
              Affair with JFK..& his brother RFK. …Their brother-in- law, actor Peter Lawford seemed to act as the go between. She authentically believed the President would leave Jackie and marry her. .which shows MM to be at tht time Extremely Vulnerable. It was Lawford tht asked her to sing Happy Birthday to the President. We all have one of her Last images in tht iconic see thru sequin gown, doing just tht.

            2. If it were a natural death the findings would have to back up the tests by the corner. If listed Suicide….slammm doors shut. No need to investigate. I don’t believe it was a natural death or intentional suicide. I believe help was sought & MM was let to die. And a lot of people never had to answer for their actions.

            3. No, the accidental suicide theory has been put to rest.
              The amount of Nembutol capsules she took, proves she would have passed out long before she could have swallowed the full amount of capsules that she did.
              So the accidental suicide theory has been thrown out.
              The dosage in her system is the amount of the 24, or 25 Nembutol pills Marilyn filled the day before.
              The other issue is she had safer sleeping pills on her nightstand. Yet she chose the Nembutol.
              She did not get rescued in time, because Peter Lawford ignored, or did not understand her cry for help on the phone.
              She died as a result of this. It’s since been ruled a Suicide

      1. A lot of MM clothing has been sold at auction. I would Google ….MM CLOTHING SOLD AT AUCTION to see what u find. Not long ago the TODAY Show exhibited much of it….She had a tiny beautiful body..A blessing and a curse for her.

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