Marilyn Monroe Fan Clubs and Groups

Marilyn Monroe Fan Clubs and Groups

These are online Marilyn groups and fan clubs which I am proud to be a member of. I’m also the President of the Norma2Marilyn fan club.
This website is honored to host the a chat board open to all Marilyn fans. The chat room hosting is sponsored by this site. You can register via the form below.

Norma2Marilyn offers fans of Norma Jeane and Marilyn Monroe a home on the internet to learn and share their facts and stories about this most loved woman. As a fan club member of Norma2Marilyn you will receive emails about television information for USA and Canada, weekly chats, special events, interviews, contests and more!

Peggy L Wilkin’s Glamournet

Marilyn Monroe Mailing List Started in 1995, Peggy Wilkins’ Marilyn Monroe mailing list is intended as a forum for anyone with interest to discuss Marilyn Monroe. Marilyn collectors and fans are especially welcome, and discussion about MM news, your collection or your interest in MM is encouraged.

Falling For Marilyn

Falling For Marilyn is a club for Marilyn Monroe fans all over the world. The founders and members of this club are from a diverse number of countries and cultures and give this club a unique international perspective on Marilyn. And they have many pics of Marilyn in their photo albums.

Forever Marilyn

Forever Marilyn is another of the largest Yahoo clubs for Marilyn. It is a very active group with discussions including many topics of interest to Marilyn fans. There are in-depth reviews of Marilyn books and movies, and many knowledgeable members. In addition to the Yahoo group they also have this site… (see image link below)

Unforgettable Marilyn

The Marilyn Monroe Organisation

The Marilyn Monroe Organisation is a society which puts fans in contact with each other and organises Marilyn related events in the UK and Ireland in order to celebrate her life and achievements.

Marilyn Mon Amour

A group of fans from all over the world who share rare pics and discuss facts of Marilyn´s life.

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    Marilyn Monroe Fan Clubs and Groups

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    Joel Davids

    Hi, I wrote a tribute song for Marilyn Monroe that I thought you and your website would be interested in. It is called “We’ve All the Time in the World.”

    You can hear it and download it for free at

    If you could just acknowledge that I wrote it and maybe direct your fans to my Facebook page, it is .

    I am a very unknown songwriter but a big fan and just hoped people would enjoy it.

    Let me know!

    Joel Davids

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    I have a collection of 28 Marilyn Monroe books, I would like to sell. Any idea who might want to purchase them. Thanks

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    Miluska Hamanova

    Hi, I am an artist and have recently completed a “Marilyn” canvas. Please have a look at my work on facebook milartworks. If someone has a special Marilyn photo they would like me to draw I would be happy to do one for free. You might like to raffle it.

    She was one in a million and you do her justice. Keep up the good work.

    All the best

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