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Candle in the wind... The work of Ceasar Vasallo has been extensively published and his originals are in private collections throughout North, Central and South America as well as the Carribean. He exhibits frequently in group as well as one man exhibitions.

Presented here are just a few of his great portraits of Marilyn. Visit his web site to see the entire collection. (His site is a masterpiece of web design)
These pictures capture the spirit of Norma Jeane / Marilyn in various moods and times throughout her career, and I have included some background info to put them in their historical context.

Thank you, Mr. Vasallo for permitting me to share these pictures with my web site’s visitors!

Candle in the Wind
Portraits of Marilyn Monroe
Copyrighted © by Ceasar Vasallo

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Marilyn at the circus Eve tempting Adam Laurel Canyon
Beauty and the Beach Niagara Falls - and who wouldn't, for Marilyn? A very powerful and moving study of Marilyn in black and white
Hello, Norma Jeane Gazing at this portrait one can almost smell the Chanel #5 Skinny dipping on the set of Something's Got To Give

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  1. Sandra Castro says:

    Hi there! I live in Orlando,Florida. I use to know a Cuban artist named Cesar Vasallo. We were friends and I lost track of him. Is he the same Cesar that lived in Orlando. I would love to have his email address or you can provide mine to him. I was under my married name back then: Sandra Sosa. Thank you.

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