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When Marilyn Monroe died in 1962, her estate was worth $370,000. In 2011 the subway dress from The Seven-Year Itch sold for a whopping $4.6 million. Add the gown she wore when she sang “Happy Birthday” to President John F. Kennedy, which sold for $1.26 million in 1999, and one thing is clear. The clothes are worth more than the woman who wore them.

More than a half-century after she was found dead on the night of August 5, 1962, Hollywood’s tragic dream girl continues to fascinate. We’re still mesmerized by her endless appeal to powerful men of every stripe, her troubled childhood, her magnetic screen presence and the mystery of what killed the woman who created Marilyn Monroe.

Based on shocking new information, author and physician E.Z. Friedel offers a fictional first-person account of what might have happened to the former Norma Jean Mortenson in MARILYN’S RED DIARY (Beech Hut Publishing LLC; June 1, 2013; $9.99). Friedel draws on his medical knowledge to explore some of the darkest questions concerning the troubled star, including who may have killed her, as he recreates the last two years of her life. This provocative and scandalous narrative is told by Marilyn herself, as she recounts the events of the day – and the steamy, sexual encounters of the night – writing in her red diary all the details and dirty little secrets about some of the most powerful people in history and entertainment.

Marilyn confides in her diary information about the President of the United States, his brother the attorney general, the CIA, the Mafia, her loyal psychiatrist, her overbearing drama coach, insensitive producers, husbands, lovers, and her ongoing struggles with drugs and alcohol. Friedel calls upon his professional expertise to deliver the most shocking revelation of all—just how Marilyn may have been killed and who was responsible.

E.Z. Friedel is a novelist and surgeon. His first novel, The Cutting Room, based on his medical experiences in Spanish Harlem, was published by Bantam. It sold out its first printing of 50,000 copies and was optioned three times to NBC. He lives in New York. Marilyn’s Red Diary, his second novel, is the culmination of more than 20 years of research, thousands of pages of correspondence and many interviews.

Wishes in Time

This isn’t another biography, conspiracy theory, or photo book. It’s an action and adventure science fiction novel, starring Norma Jeane/Marilyn as the main character. I think it would make a great movie!

Marilyn, while filming in the Nevada desert on the set of The Misfits, gets caught up in an exciting time travel adventure that put her with Mark Twain on a train in the Wild West, as a spy in Nazi Germany, and to a grim future which only she can prevent. Along the way she meets up with a lot of interesting historical characters including Adolph Hitler, Abraham Lincoln, and Jack The Ripper, as well as people from her own past such as her great grandmother Jennie Nance, her first husband, Jim Dougherty, and even herself before she changed her name to Marilyn.

Speaking as a sci-fi buff, and also as President of a Marilyn fan club, I think this book, NJWIT, has appeal for both general science fiction readers and for Marilyn fans.

It’s a good sci-fi yarn, and historical novel, with plenty of action and suspense, but it also deals accurately and with a well-informed fan’s respectful insight into Marilyn’s life and character.

Marilyn is no timid, dumb blonde in this story. She starts out with uncertainty, dealing with her personal issues, but evolves into a kick-ass almost super hero finding the strength in herself to fight villains at the scenes of cataclysmic events in history.

All along the way she is herself – both of herselves: Her persona as Marilyn and the Norma Jeane within. Stuart’s study of Marilyn’s life and personalities is a study of love and brings a depth to his portraiture of Marilyn which her fans will recognize and general readers may appreciate for the first time.

Having piled all this glowing praise on Norma Jeane’s Wishes in Time, I do also have a cautionary note to add. This is a big book! With 500+ pages in hardback. And a lot of detail, observation, and commentary. So it’s not a quick read. But it’s definitely worth the effort.

I recommend it to everyone who likes books with science fiction, action and adventure, history, and Marilyn Monroe.

And now there’s an exciting sequel to Norma Jeane’s Wishes in Time!

This book continues Marilyn’s time travelling adventures as she visits her past, future, and alternate universes. Along the way she meets and is accompanied by familiar characters from the first book as well as some interesting new ones. Laced with humorous and exciting adventures, Stuart draws from his expert knowledge of Marilyn’s real life and history and paints her character and personality from his perspective as a loving and devoted fan.

The Marilyn Monroe Party by Gloria Pall

Published by Showgirl Press. 1993, 2002. USA.
Details: Spiral-bound. 99 pages.
“Miss Cleavage of 1952,” Gloria Pall, has taken a chapter from her upcoming Story of a Showgirl and has bound it as a limited edition book. The party referred to is the party that Ray Anthony threw for Marilyn on 8/3/52. Gloria recounts her entrance to the party, and her ensuing brief conversation with Marilyn. Only thirteen pages of the book are text…the remaining pages are made up of articles about the party (several of which talk about Gloria), magazine covers that Gloria was on immediately following the party, and a few other pictures of Gloria. Though this only takes a few minutes to read, one can get a few good insights into the feel of this famous party.”

Marilyn Monroe: Cover to Cover

This book includes insight into Marilyn’s life, revealed through noteworthy quotes and significant historical information. Features of the book include lovely, large photographs of Marilyn at her best, a thoughtful foreword by Mamie Van Doren, personal reflections from Marilyn, and those around her, a detailed history and timeline of Marilyn’s life, complete magazine information including collector’s values, dates and photographers, and a full index of magazines.

Book Reviews

There are many good books about Marilyn, and many theories regarding her death. ‘Goddess’ by Anthony Summers, is a good one. I recommend ‘Marilyn Monroe – The Biography’ by Donald Spoto, also. Several recent books about Marilyn offer different views concerning her death. ‘The Ultimate Marilyn’ by Ernest Cunningham has one chapter listing all of the different theories and explaining how each of them began. ‘The Last Take’ by Peter Harry Brown and Patte B Barham is a good one for people who are into the murder theory involving the Kennedys.

‘The Marilyn Diaries’ by Charles Casillo

The premise of this rwork of fiction, The Marilyn Diaries, is that Monroe’s diary – including letters and journal entries – has finally been recovered after nearly four decades and is being published for the first time. Charles Casillo recreates Marilyn’s thoughts, her voice, her very soul, so that we see Marilyn in her most expressive moments, speaking in her most candid voice. (Note: This book contains adult themes and situations and is intended for mature audiences.)

‘Marilyn By Moonlight’ by Jack Allen

The author has utilized computer graphics to create a conceptual art book on Marilyn that’s stylish, lively, and heart-warming. The striking digitally-enhanced photos are particularly impressive in this 9″ x 11 1/2″ high-gloss, full-color format… The story of Marilyn Monroe is told in pictures beginning with her childhood and the start of her professional life right through to her final appearances. The book features many candid shots as well as photos of the star as portrayed by the press in magazines, posters and marquees.

Other Books

‘”Marilyn A to Z’ by Randall Riese and Neal Hitchens is a very useful source of information for people like me who need a reference to a lot of Marilyn facts in alphabetical order. The book ‘My Secret Life with Marilyn Monroe’ by Ted Jordan, about his alleged affairs with Marilyn is interesting, from a prurient point of view, but not very credible, in my opinion. ‘Marilyn Monroe – Confidential’ by Lena Pepitone and William Stadiem, gives an interesting look into Marilyn’s home life with with Arthur Miller in New York. ‘Marilyn Monroe’ by Barbara Leaming is another good biography of her life as a movie star.

As for picture books, there are too many to mention, and of course any book with her pictures has to be good! But I very much recommend Milton’s Marilyn by Joshua Greene (the son of Milton H. Greene) and James Kotsilibas-Davis. It not only talks about when Marilyn left Hollywood to form her own movie production company with Milton Greene, but also has some great and rare pictures from those times.

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