Marilyn Monroe – 75th Birthday Party in Hollywood – Page 6

Page 6: Saturday, June 2nd 5th Helena Drive

After visiting Westwood, we split up. Some people went to have lunch, or back to the hotel. Gina, Tony, Steff, and I went to see Marilyn’s Brentwood home at 12305 5th Helena Drive.

Marilyn’s house is at the end of 5th Helena Drive, which is a small street, almost like an alley.

The current owners of the house do not like Marilyn fans coming to take pictures of it, and there is a high brick wall surrounding the place, and a big black tarp hung across the gate, to prevent any view of the house from the street. To our amazement and delight, however, they were not at home, and had left the tarp partially opened, and the side gate was completely open!!! So I got this great shot of the front of the house, which I had never seen before in all my previous trips to LA!

Tony and I chickened out, but Gina and Steff actually went through the gate to get better pics. Let’s keep that our little secret, so that they don’t get arrested for trespassing, LOL.

And here are a few of the pics that Gina got when she was in the yard…

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