Marilyn Monroe – 75th Birthday Party in Hollywood – Page 1

The First Day: May 31st, 2001

People from all over the world and the USA came to Hollywood, California, to celebrate Marilyn’s 75th birthday. A group of us stayed at the historic Roosevelt hotel.

When I arrived at Burbank airport on May 31st, my semi-trusty cab driver, Nasrolah, who we affectionately call “Half-A-Hundred,” was waiting for me.

As the plan was for all of us to meet at the Tropicana bar by the swimming pool at the hotel, that is where I headed first. It was early and only Connie, Dor, and Jen were there.

Soon, people started showing up and it became a party.
David, Tam, Gina, Andy, Barbara, Dor, Carol, Roy, Rachel, and Sarah…

Gina Bina, Jenz, and Mary Eric, Conster, Dor, and Jenz

Then I was off in Nasrolah’s cab to pick up Steff at LAX and Kristen at Burbank airports, and then back to the party at the Roosevelt. A $150 cab ride, by the way… Good thing he owed me a favor!

When we got back, the party was in full swing. They had a surprise birthday cake for me, too.

I sure am a lucky guy to have such cute friends!


Steff and Jen wanted to examine the “haunted mirror” which used to be in Marilyn’s room at the hotel, and also the big pic of Marilyn hanging on the wall by the basement elevator…

As it got late in the evening, our party got kinda loud, but as we pointed out to the hotel security staff, we weren’t any louder than the car alarm which kept going off in the parking lot. So they let us stay after the bar closed. Although some people were getting a bit rowdy…

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