Danamo’s Marilyn Monroe Awards Page

Danamo’s Marilyn Monroe Awards Page

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Note: To see the list of awards which Marilyn Monroe won,
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2 thoughts on “Danamo’s Marilyn Monroe Awards Page”

  1. I spoke too soon–you do feature books. But newer ones too? I recommend “Marilyn Forever” for people who won’t read a 300 or 400 page biography that may have a few or many errors. The MF book offers multiple viewpoints and insights, it’s a real tribute without being a hagiography (unusual word, should be better known, as too many celeb bios are hagiographies). I much recommend “Marilyn Forever,” have a friend who wasn’t a MM fan…until he read this book!
    Curious: Who is Danamo? Is he a dynamo named Dan? Italian American? Sounds very interesting–a celebrity in his own right.

  2. How much does it cost to place a banner ad on your site? I have written a musical “Marilyn Exposed” which is opening Off Broadway this March at the Actors’ Temple Theatre with original songs.

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