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This picture of Marilyn at Niagara Falls was
originally taken in black & white.

Thanks to Joe, a long-time fan, who
did such a great job colorizing it!

And thanks also for sharing your fine work with us.

This picture of Marilyn in the potato sack dress
was colorized by Kristen Gazaway.

This picture was colorized by Mistress Stardust.

This picture was colorized by Andy B

This picture was colorized by Michelle.

This original charcoal drawing was made by Bill

This sketch of Marilyn was drawn by 14 year old Alice, from England.

A pencil drawing by Jim Hicks

An original painting by Alberto Lopez

Here are two pics by Vendy

Acrylic portrait by Jay DePalma, 32×42 inches.

An oil painting by Nalin DeSilva, www.nalindesilva.com.

A couple of drawings by Chelsea, her Marilyn website.

A couple of drawings by Derek in England.

A coloring by CJ.

A painting of Marilyn by Karen Motherway

If you have something you would like to contribute to this page,
send us an email.

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