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Who Is Danamo?

Danamo was the nickname for the founder of this awesome website. Although our founding divo has moved on, the management at MMP in great admiration and awe continues to operate in the Danamo name. Danamo is the virtual representation the most incredible Norma Jean / Marilyn Monroe fan ever. Thanks Daniel!!!

Webmaster Emeritus Daniel

Hi. I’m the Real Danamo, the founder of this website. I live in Phoenix, Arizona, USA. I am an electronics engineer. I am also President of the Norma2Marilyn Fan Club. Here I am with Marilyn impersonator Janet Valentine, at the Hollywood Roosevelt hotel poolside party held by Norma2Marilyn on the 40th Memorial weekend, August 2002.

Other Very Important People

A big, big thanks also to Web Mistresses Lisa Marie and Kimberley. Thanks for all your help over the years. Mmmmuh!!

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