Marilyn Monroe – Timeline

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1st June 1926 Norma Jeane Mortenson born at LA General Hospital
1935 Norma Jeane’s mother Gladys Baker (nee Monroe) taken into an institution
13 September 1935 Norma Jeane enters an orphanage in Los Angeles as orphan number 3463
26 June 1937 Norma Jeane leaves the orphanage to live with Grace McKee
November 1938 Goes to live with “aunt” Ana Lower
19 June 1942

Marries Jim Dougherty                                                 

April 1944 Norma Jeane starts work at the Radio Plane Munitions Factory
26 April 1946 First national magazine cover in Family Circle
26 June 1946 Photographed by David Connover for Yank magazine
17 July 1946 First interview at 20th Century Fox with Ben Lyon
19 July 1946 First Screen Test for 20th Century Fox
26 August 1946 First  studio contract with Fox, Norma Jeane changed her name to Marilyn Monroe (Marilyn was after actress Marilyn Miller and Monroe was her mothers maiden name)
29 July 1946 First mention in a Hollywood gossip column
2 August 1946 Norma Jeane applies to Blue Book Modeling Agency
13 September 1946 Divorce granted from James Dougherty
25 August1947 Fox contract not renewed, Marilyn is dropped by Fox
Feb 1948 Marilyn befriends mogul Joseph M. Schneck
9 March 1948 Contract with Columbia Pictures
8 September 1948 Dropped by Columbia
31 December 1948 Meets Johnny Hyde, who dedicates himself to promoting her
27 May 1949 Poses for photographer Tom Kelley-the nude calendar
24 July 1949 First interview with Earl Wilson
15 August 1949 Starts shooting A Ticket To Tomahawk
October 1949 Signs contract with MGM for role in The Asphalt Jungle

The Asphalt Jungle

5 January 1950 Starts shooting The Fireball
April 1950 Lands small but perfectly-formed part in All About Eve
10 December 1950 Signs a new contract with Fox
18 December 1950 Johnny Hyde dies
29 March 1951 Presents an Oscar at the Academy Awards ceremony
18 April 1951 Shooting starts on Love Nest
11 May 1951 Latest six-month contract and Fox converted to seven year deal
8 September 1951 First full length feature in Collier’s magazine
March 1952 Marilyn and Joe DiMaggio go out on a first date
13 March 1952 Nude calendar story broken to the public
7 April 1952

First Life magazine cover

1 June 1952 On her birthday she learns she is to be Lorelei Lee in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes
31 August 1952 Live radio debut 
2 September 1952 Grand Marshall at the Miss America pageant
4 October 1952 Allegedly married Robert Slatzer
21 January 1953 Niagara released, Marilyn is a star
9 March 1953 Joan Crawford’s prudish sensibilities offended as Marilyn picks up her Photoplay magazine award
26 June 1953

Marilyn and co-star Jane Russell leave their prints outside Grauman’s Chinese Theatre

Marilyn and Jane Making Handprints

13 September 1953 First TV appearance in “The Jack Benny Show”
October 1953 Meets Milton Greene at a party given by Gene Kelly
October 1953 Signed recording contract with RCA
4 November 1953 How to Marry a Millionaire premiers
15 December 1953 Marilyn fails to turn up for the first day of shooting on the Girl in the Pink Tights
4 January 1954 Fox suspends Marilyn
14 January 1954 Marries Joe DiMaggio at San Francisco City Hall
2 February 1954 Honeymoon couple mobbed by fans in Tokyo
16 February 1954 Marilyn starts ten-venue tour of the troops in Korea
15 September 1954 Infamous skirt-blowing scene shot for The Seven Year Itch

Seven Year Itch

5 October 1954 Officially separates from Joe
27 October 1954 First divorce hearing held
5 November 1954 Joe and Frank Sinatra go on “Wrong Door Raid”
6 November 1954 Agent Charles Feldman throws Hollywood party at Romanoff’s in Marilyn’s honor
31 December 1954 Marilyn and Milton Greene form Marilyn Monroe Productions
7 January 1955 Marilyn and Milton Greene hold press conference announcing the creation of Marilyn Monroe productions
15 January 1955 Fox suspends Marilyn
Feb 1955 Meets and begins studying with Lee Strasberg
31 March 1955 Rides a pink elephant at Madison Square Garden for arthritis benefit
8 April 1955 Edward R. Murrow interviews Marilyn live on “Person to Person”
1 June 1955 The Seven Year Itch premiers
31 October 1955 Granted final divorce from Joe Dimaggio
4 January 1956 Announcement of reconciliation between Marilyn and Fox studios
9 February 1956 Press conference with Laurence Olivier to announce The Prince and the Showgirl

The Showgirl

Feb. 17 1956 Performs bar room scene from Anna Christie at the Actors Studio, New York
25 February 1956 Returns to Hollywood after more than one year away in exile in New York
3 May 1956

Bus Stop starts shooting

3  June 1956  Returns to New York after finishing filming of Bus Stop
29 June 1956 Marries Arthur Miller in a civil ceremony
1 July 1956 Marries Arthur Miller in a Jewish ceremony
14 July 1956 Arrives in London to begin work with Olivier in The Prince and The Showgirl
August 1956 Becomes pregnant but loses baby
29 October 1956 Presented to Queen Elizabeth II at the royal command film performance
18 December 1956 Radio show from Waldorf-Astoria
13 June 1957 The Prince and the Showgirl premiers
1 August 1957 Ectopic pregnancy has to be terminated
4 August 1958 Starts work on Some Like it Hot
6 November 1958 Finishes Some Like it Hot
17 December 1958 Miscarries again
29 March 1959 Premiere of Some Like it Hot
8 March 1960 Receives Golden Globe Award for Best Comedy Actress for Some Like it Hot
June 1960 Begins seeing psychoanalyst Ralph Greenson on a daily basis
18 July 1960 Shooting starts on The Misfits
26 August 1960 Flies to LA because of nervous breakdown during filming
5 May 1960 Returned to the production of The Misfits
4 November 1960 Finishes The Misfits
11 November 1960 Public announcement that Marilyn and Arthur to divorce
16 November 1960 Clark Gable dies of heart attack
20 January 1961 Mexican divorce from Arthur Miller granted
31 January 1961 Premiere of The Misfits
7 February 1961 Enters Payne Whitley Psychiatric Clinic in NY
11 February 1961 Joe Dimaggio arranges for Marilyn to be transferred to the much less intimidating Columbia Presbyterian Hospital
11 February 1961 Left the Payne Whitney Psychiatric Clinic and entered Columbia Presbyterian Hospital
5 March 1961 Discharged from Columbia Presbyterian Hospital
October 1961 Meets Robert Kennedy at Peter Lawford’s beach house
19 November 1961 Attends a dinner at Peter Lawford’s house with President Kennedy
February 1962 Moves into house she has bought in Brentwood, LA
1  February 1962 Dinner in honor of Robert Kennedy
5 March 1962 Marilyn wins Golden Globe Award, Worlds Film Favorite
24 March 1962 Marilyn and JFK spend weekend together in Palm Springs
23 April 1962 Begins work on Something’s Got to Give
19 May 1962 Sings “Happy Birthday” and “Thanks for the Memory” to JFK at Madison Square Garden
28 May 1962

Nude pool sequence shot on Something’s Got to Give

Nude Pool Scene

1 June 1962 Marilyn’s last day at work at Fox and final public appearance
7 June 1962 Fox fires Marilyn for breach of contract
23 June 1962 Bert Stern begins first of three photo sessions for Vogue “The Last Sitting”
28 June 1962 Negotiations resumed with Fox about Somthing’s Got to Give
29 June  1962 George Barris spends three days shooting Marilyn for Cosmopolitan
4 July 1962 Begins extensive interview, her last, with Richard Meryman
6 July 1962 Allan Grant shoot for Life Magazine
12 July 1962 Meets Fox studio chiefs
20 July 1962 Allegedly enters Cedars of Lebanon hospital for abortion
28 July 1962 Weekend at Cal-Neva Lodge
1 August 1962 Fox rewrites Marilyn’s contract for double the salary and restart production of Something’s Got to Give
3 August 1962 Appears on the cover of Life for last time
4 August 1962 Marilyn’s last day alive includes a 6hr session with Greenson
5 August 1962 Police called to Marilyn’s home. Official day of death. Autopsy performed
8 August 1962 Funeral at Westwood Medical Park Cemetery
28 August 1962 Marilyn’s death certificate is signed

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  1. So beautiful.
    So talented and young.
    Marilyn should have lived to see many more tomorrows.

    George Vreeland Hill

  2. Your timeline is great, but flawed. She couldn’t have returned to the production of The Misfits in May 1960 if shooting started in July 1960!

  3. Marilyn is so amazing! I love her! She could live today, but than she is 90 years old or something like that xD

    1. Oh yes it does. It states quite correctly that she had three, as follows: Jim Dougherty, Joe DiMaggio and Arthur Miller.

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