Danamo’s Marilyn Monroe Pages – Autopsy

Marilyn’s Autopsy

Coroner Thomas Noguchi conducted the operation. He was assisted by Eddy Day. Noguchi’s findings were as follows.

External examination: The unembalmed body is that of a 36-year-old well-developed, well-nourished Caucasian female weighing 117 pounds and measuring 65-1/2 inches in length. The scalp is covered with bleached blond hair. The eyes are blue. The fixed lividitv is noted in the face, neck, chest, upper portions of arms and the right side of the abdomen. The faint lividity which disappears upon pressure is noted in the back and posterior aspect of the arms and legs. A slight ecchymotic area is noted in the left hip and left side of lower back. The breast shows no significant lesion. There is a horizontal 3-inch long surgical scar in the right upper quadrant of the abdomen. A suprapubic surgical scar measuring 5 inches in length is noted. The conjunctivae are markedly congested; however, no ecehymosis or petechiae are noted. The nose shows no evidence of fracture. The external auditory canals are not remarkable:. No evidence of trauma is noted in the scalp, forehead, cheeks, lips or chin. The neck shows no evidence of trauma. Examination of the hands and nails shows no defects. The lower extremities show no evidence of trauma.

Body cavity: The usual Y-shaped incision is made to open the thoracic and abdominal cavities. The pleural and abdominal cavities contain no excess of fluid or blood. The mediastinum shows no shifting or widening. The diaphragm is within normal limits. The lower edge of the liver is within the costal margin. The organs are in normal position and relationship.

Cardiovascular system: The heart weighs 300 grams. The pericardial cavity contains no excess of fluid. The epicardium and pericardium are smooth and glistening. The left ventricular wall measures 1.1 cm. and the right 0.2 cm. The papillary muscles are not hypertrophic. The chordae tendineac are not thickened or shortened. The valves have the usual number of leaflets which are thin and pliable. The tricuspid valve measures 10 cm., the pulmonary valve 6.5 cm., mitral valve 9.5 cm. and aortic valve 7 cm in circumference. There is no septal defect. The foramen ovale is closed. The coronary arteries arise from their usual location and are distributed in normal fashion. Multiple sections of the anterior descending branch of the left coronary artery with a 5 mm. interial demonstrate a patent lumen throughout. The circumflex branch and the right coronary artery also demonstrate a patent lumen. The pulmonary artery contains no thrombus. The aorta has a bright yellow smooth intima.

Respiratory system: The right lung weighs 465 grams and the left 420 grams. Both lungs are moderately congested with some edema. The surface is dark and red with mottling. The posterior portion of the lungs show severe congestion. The tracheobronchial tree contains no aspirated material or blood. Multiple sections of the lungs show congestion and edematous fluid exuding from the cut surface. No consolidation or suppuration is noted. The mucosa of the larynx is grayish white.

Liver and biliary system: The liver weighs 1890 grams. The surface is dark brown and smooth. There are marked adhesions through the omentum and abdominal wall in the lower portion of the liver as the gallbladder has been removed. The common duct is widely patent. No calculus or obstructive material is found. Multiple sections of the liver show slight accentuation of the lobular pattern; however, no hemorrhage or tumor is found.

Hemic and lymphatic system: The spleen weighs 190 grams. The surface is dark red and smooth. Section shows dark red homogeneous firm cut surface. The Malpighian bodies are not clearly identified. There is no evidence of lymphadenopathy. The bone marrow is dark red in color. Endocrine system: The adrenal glands have the usual architectural cortex and medulla. The thyroid glands are of normal size, color and consistency. Urinary system: The kidneys together weigh 350 grams. Their capsules can be stripped without difficulty. Dissection shows a moderately congested parenchyma. The cortical surface is smooth. The pelves and ureters are not dilated or stenosed. The urinary bladder contains approximately 150 cc. of clear straw-colored fluid. The mucosa is not altered.

Genital system: The external genitalia shows no gross abnormality. Distribution of the pubic hair is of female pattern. The uterus is of the usual size. Multiple sections of the uterus show the usual thickness of the uterine wall without tumor nodules. The endometrium is grayish yellow, measuring up to 0.2 cm in thickness. No polyp or tumor is found. The cervix is clear, showing no nabothian cysts. The tubes are intact. The right ovary demonstrates recent corpus luteum haemorrhagicum. The left ovary shows corpora lutea and albicantia. A vaginal smear is taken. Digestive system: The esophagus has a longitudinal folding mucosa. The stomach is almost completely empty. The contents is brownish mucoid fluid. The volume is estimated to be no more than 20 cc. No residue of the pills is noted. A smear made from the gastric contents and examined under the polarized microscope shows no refractile crystals. The mucosa shows marked congestion and submucosal petechial hemorrhage diffusely. The duodenum shows no ulcer. The contents of the duodenum is also examined under polarized microscope and shows no refractile crystals. The remainder of the small intestine shows no gross abnormality. The appendix is absent. The colon shows marked congestion and purplish discoloration. The pancreas has a tan lobular architecture. Multiple sections shows a patent duct.

Skeletomuscular system: The clavicle, ribs, vertebrae and pelvic bones show fracture lines. All bones of the extremities are examined by palpation showing no evidence of fracture.

Head and central nervous system: The brain weighs 1440 grams. Upon reflection of the scalp there is no evidence of contusion or hemorrhage. The temporal muscles are intact. Upon removal of the dura mater the cerebrospinal fluid is clear. The superficial vessels are slightly congested. The convolutions of the brain are not flattened. the contour of the brain is not distorted. No blood is found in the epidural, subdural or subarachnoid spaces. Multiple sections of the brain show the usual symmetrical ventricles and basal ganglia. Examination of the cerebellum and brain stem shows no gross abnormality. Following removal of the dura mater from the base of the skull and calvarium no skull fracture is demonstrated.

Liver temperature taken at 10:30 A.M. registered 89 F

Specimen: Unembalmed blood is taken for alcohol and barbiturate examination. Liver, kidney, stomach and contents, urine and intestine are saved for further toxicological study. A vaginal smear is made.


41 thoughts on “Danamo’s Marilyn Monroe Pages – Autopsy”

  1. Just leave her be , we all no she was Murdered and to cover up stuff . So sad she had to go threw all this , only god and her know the answers , we all will know the truth in the end

  2. That unethical Dr. Greenson admitted before his own demise two decades later, that he was forced to perform a cover up, that a large sum of money was paid into his bank account (& also the puppet that was no personality Eunice Murray and Marilyn’s friend Pat, point to a blatant sloppy cover up). EM went on a three month vacation around Europe and Pat for a similar period and when she returned to the U.S. was given a job in the White House! Many undocumented bruises were evident on MM body- a later addition by the Coroner who was advised to ‘sign off his autopsy‘. So cheap of them to be bought when it involves foul play of a person’s life.

  3. MM must’ve had horrible pain months before having her gaul blatter removed in June! Two months before she died! She would have been in so much pain, making her too sick to work. Gaul blatter surgery was brutal in those days! She would have been on “pain killers”! She would have been in horrible pain before & after surger!!!Why was she found face down! It seems it would have been more painful for her to choose lying on her stomach as the scar tissue would “stretch” under her weight and the mattress would have been concavd under her body.
    Also, why has the body never exhumed?…we have advanced forensic science now! And, no! It would not be disrespectful to Norma Jean Baker, who is really the one who died along with the myth of Marilyn Monroe… Rest In Peace, Norma Jean!!
    Cheryl P

  4. I have done so much research on her that i could add to the 1000s of books that are out there. So much fishiness and things that don’t add up. Even the timelines from documentaries don’t match each other. Also I believe that the Fred Otash and Bernie Spindell tapes did exist. If they exist today, who knows. Some say they never existed, but if you pull up the Dec. 21, 1966 there was an affidavit filed to the supreme court for return of those tapes that were seized from Spindels home. The tapes were never returned. If you view the nytimes archive you can read the article. Also in peter lawfords memoir, he talks about hearing an audio tape of marilyn and ralph greenson together affectionately. Some believe that ralph greenson killed her. To protect his career. There is an author named Jay Margolis who found a letter from Greenson to a colleague that stated he regretted having feelings of countertransference towards marilyn, a term he describes as inappropriate sexual feelings.

  5. She did not commit suicide. She was murdered by a lethal Enema. She enjoyed getting enema’s VERY MUCH because she said it kept her slim and they felt good so it was easy to murder her in this fashion. If she would of took a over-dose by mouth there would have been drug residue in her stomach because she died shortly after, not giving the residue enough time to pass through the stomach. There was no traces of drug residue AT ALL. Also, the coroner notes her rectum was swollen and discolored purple. The tissue samples of her rectum were ” accidentally” thrown away without ever being analysed for drugs. People claim she was very happy around the time of her death so suicide is improbable. She was definitely murdered.

    1. I agree completely with you. I just wonder why? Specifically why? It’s just all too neat and tidy for too many ppl

    2. In Nogushi’s book, he said that he hadn’t expected to find any pill residue in Marilyn’s stomach. He said this was because (I’m paraphrasing) she was a habitual pill taker, and her system had become efficient at digesting them. It’s similar to the way that someone who eats steak on a regular basis has no trouble digesting it, where someone who was not used to eating it might suffer indigestion.

      So, no pill residue was found, though to the average person it would seem like digesting that many pills would take a long time, because her system handled them easily because it was used to getting a lot of pills.

  6. It had been rumored she had a baby boy while away in 1957. September 27 th, to be exact. Aurora Illinois. Child is Arthur Miller’s son. The baby boy was 4 lbs at birth. The baby boy was suffering from pneumonia and malnourishment when he was placed with adoptive parents. Lutheran adoption.

    1. She miscarried at least twice while married to Miller. They wanted a baby. It was very hard on her not to be able to carry full term.

    2. Now that sounds very logical…how else are they explaining the 5 inch c section scar in the autopsy photos? They talk at length about her 3 inch gall bladder scar but; where is the baby that came from that c-section 😉

  7. I feel sick to my fucking stomach, mostly because I refused to open my eyes for years to take an honest look at what was right in front of me. Marilyn has been a victim since time immemorial… her crime was that Christ chose her to be his mother which also meant she was favored by God and ultimately the rebellion that has now become Christianity. If u look up every woman named “Mary” who has been murderd especially those by the so-called Jack the Ripper. You will see that the women were horrible mutilated including having their internal/reproductive organs ripped out. I know well enough to understand that people can and will continue to suffer mysterious afflictions in another life as a result from previous lives. She and her son are pretty much sacrificed every lifetime. That’s the bottomline. Her particular life as Marilyn was no different. It was obvious she had problems with men giving her fucked up childhood and a history of mental illnesses in her family. My question is y do “powerful” men court women with “issues”? To prey on them, to use and abuse them. the paintings of Christ and the mother ,they both have a very unapproachable demeanor(not because they r uppity but because of trauma) the hands clasped over their privates like a protective gesture usually in the case of sexual assault I just want her to have some Fucking peace. It’s like putting on makeup just to be able to show your face in public and somehow people interprete that as being shallow or self absorbed. Men think it must be a fucking invitation to approach. And God forbid if u r actually not interested it’s like she must secretly want it. Maybe they cant stand their fucking reflection, they hate themselves but don’t even know y. The fucking in dwelling spirit knows but refuses to speak. So u r left wondering y u do the stupid things u do and having to also explain it to people in a way that makes sense.

    I think we should at least be civilized enough to respect people’s boundaries and decisions to be married/single/mothers or Not! Of course she had fucking abortions who in their right mind would have a child know them well what laid ahead, that’s not a fucking excuse to justify her murder. If do not harbor good intentions for someone or u “can’t then stay the Fuck away from them PERIOD.

    1. Ummmmmm…..Anonymous above…October 2016…..You really should seek professional help. You definitely have issues.

    2. Wow. That was different…um…I..wow, don’t know what to respond to that other than to say there r def issues there. I can’t even begin to connect the dots in that rant.

  8. In her last sitting with photographer Bert Stern she mentioned to him that she had a scar. If you look at the Bel Air Hotel photos (with the see through scarf) you can see the scar in those photos which were taken before she died.
    It’s a very mysterious death, with many loose ends that were never investigated. The housekeeper washing sheets in the wee hours of the morning, the ambulance driver’s statements, the crime scene seeming to be staged, and on and on. That’s not even taking into consideration the Kennedy’s possible involvement. ( I always think about the Chappaquiddick incident) It’s all just a little too fishy to me.

        1. The suprapubic was actually from an appendectomy. This was so she wouldn’t have a visible scar. There was no way around the cholecystectomy scar, though. Autopsy mentions these scars but nothing about a cesarean; but the appendix is absent.

    1. I agree. So many loose ends and leads that weren’t followed. Why? I doubt that would have been able to happen these days with all the forensics available. But then again, cover-ups still do happen.

  9. If the barbiturates were only in her blood, and she had fractured bones, it sounds like a murder with her being injected, to point to a suicide (since they couldn’t force her to swallow).

    They won’t be the first or last politicians to kill off a mistress, politicians are crooked narcissists. The problem is they took her from the rest of us, and Bobby Kennedy wasn’t worth the sacrifice of Marilyn. I’d rather they did him off and we still had her.

    1. All the articles, stories, etc…I’ve read about Marilyn, all tried to say she killed herself by an overdose.

      This is the theory I believe:

      The Kennedy’s, John & Bobby, were tired of her and she was dangerous to them because they liked to talk in bed and she wrote everything down to remember. She wasn’t going to give the notes away, they were so she would remember what to talk about next time.

      Her so-called housekeeper, was placed there by Marilyn’s psychiatrist, Dr. Ralph Greenson, to report back to him. Marilyn was at a happy time in her life. She had just purchased her first home, taken a trip with a friend to Mexico to purchase furnishings and was talking to Joe DiMaggio about remarrying. The night she was killed, she spent almost 2 hours on the phone with her former step-son, Joe DiMaggio, Jr., whom she remained close to. He said she was in good spirits when they hung up. In my mind she had every reason to live.

      A few key discrepancies I have noticed:

      Bobby Kennedy & his family were supposed guests at the California Governor’s mansion for the weekend. (He used this for an alibi.) In the early evening, a helicopter took off from the Governor’s mansion headed to the Malibu beach house of Bobby’s sister, Pat & brother-in-law, Peter Lawford. The helicopter landed on the beach. There was a car waiting for him, with Peter driving. They headed to Marilyn’s house.

      I believe the housekeeper let them in. The told her they needed to talk to Marilyn. She said she heard a bit of arguing, then quiet. After a half hour or so they left. Marilyn always had the phone cord under her door so she could talk “privately”. The housekeeper thought it was odd not to hear any noise from her room. She knocked, called to her and tried the knob, which was locked. Not knowing what to do, she called Dr. Greenson. He rushed over and tried the door. He went outside, found a long branch and used it to push Marilyn’s blackout curtains out of the way. She was face-down on the bed, nude and unresponsive. Somehow he got into the room and checked for a pulse. It was there, but very faint. This was estimated to be between 9:30 & 10:00 p.m. He made a called to the Schaeffer Ambulance Company for transport to the hospital. The ambulance arrived, brought a stretcher into the room, lifted Marilyn onto it, covered her with a blanket then strapped her on it. They brought her out to the ambulance, got her inside and started driving towards the gate. Before they pulled out of the gates, Dr. Greenson chased after them and told them to bring her back in the house. By doing so he sealed her fate.

      At about 3:00-3:30 a.m. the Schaeffer Ambulance Company was called a second time (of which they kept written records) and the police. A rookie showed up with some seasoned cops. They automatically said suicide. The rookie wasn’t buying it. There were about 8-10 empty pill bottles on the night table. He said to his superior, wouldn’t you think if she swallowed all those pills she’d need something to drink? He said, yeah, what’s your point? Well, there should be a glass in here and I’ve looked around, but haven’t found one. I agree with rookie, she couldn’t possibly have swallowed all of those pills without a drink.

      Also, sometime between the first ambulance call and the second, Dr. Greenson decided they should change Marilyn’s sheets. When the police arrived, the housekeeper was washing clothes, but I say sheets at 3:00-3:30 a.m. Odd time for laundry. I’ve heard and read different theories on how Marilyn died, I say she was killed!

      Her pills WERE used to cause an overdose. They were administered using an enema bag. If they were capsules the were opened and dumped in, if they were tablets they used warm, but not hot water to dissolve them. Towels were probably used to absorb what came back out. When the autopsy was done, the medical examiner noticed there wasn’t much in her stomach when he made the Y incision and checked everything else. He also took samples of her colon that was discolored purple, her kidneys, liver and stomach. He put them in jars, labeled them with case number, name and date. After that, he put them on a shelf because he was off for a few days. When he came back to work, all the samples were gone. He asked everyone where they were or what happened to them. Someone said, “I thought you were done with them so I disposed of them”. If the samples didn’t magically disappear, I’m almost positive they would have found the purplish discoloration on her colon to have traces of her pills that were missing.

      Well thank you for reading if you do. I hope you enjoy my theories.

      I wish I was born a decade earlier so I could’ve been alive when she was and the shenanigans to do with her murder.

  10. The gallbladder scar can be seen in the bert stern photos. the scar was horrible and it was 5″ long.
    She also had numerous abortions
    a horrible life of being used by men and women

  11. A C-Section will leave a suprapubic surgical scar, like the one described in Marilyn’s report. She has almost certainly had one! So why has this not been discussed more?? Very surprising. However. I wish her peace.
    RIP Marilyn.

    1. In her photographic sitting with the various veils in 1962 (Bert Stern was the photographer), you can clearly see her abdomen. In one shot, that gall bladder scar is very evident while the rest of her is perfect. C sections in those days left brutal, vertical scars, not the bikini line scars of today, like the one I’ve got, by the way. You would have definitely seen it, and she also had that nude pool scene in Something’s Got to Give, and she appears in a skimpy bikini in a photo shoot for that film. No major scars can be observed, just the gall bladder scar.

      1. Thanks for mentioning that in the 60’s C-section scars were awful and they were done vertically not superpubically. If you read her medical history you will also note that one of her pregnancies was an ectopic pregnancy where she had to have one of her fallopian tubes removes. That is the most probable reason for the suprapubic scar.

      1. Correct. I have also read that being a regular user of Nembutal, she would have digested it much faster than a first-time user.

    1. It means she took them some other way, maybe by enema? The housekeeper was doing laundry when the ambulance arrived…

      1. I saw the note the coroner made about her colon being edematous and with purple discoloration…signs of trauma.

  12. The fractures are interesting.
    So she had her appendix & gall bladder removed but it said nothing about her endometriosis?
    What was the 5inch hip scar then?

      1. Agreed! I’m surprised this has not been better known. It’s the first I’ve heard of it here. Needs to be cleared up! Very interesting..

  13. I’ve always wondered about her supposed appendix surgery, as her surgical scar was on the wrong side. The absence of the gallbladder explains it’s location. The assertion that she had reproductive illness such as PCOS or endometriosis is dispelled by this too. I think the press of her day probably just spread the infertility rumour as no one could fathom her being on contraceptives in the 50s or 60s. This gives a much more complete picture of a woman that we know and love.

    I’m curious about the fracture lines in clavical and vertebrae. The complete lack of evidence of strangulation such as external damage or a shattered hyoid bone puts paid to the old conspiracy theory, too.

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